The Other Side of The Story

Man showing 'I'm Sorry' sign to angry girlfriend

I woke up the next morning and I felt like I stranger in my own body. The news I wasn’t meant to hear still made my heart hurt so much. I have never felt this way before and I hated this feeling. I didn’t know whether to confront Jamal with this or keep it to myself, I turned down his marriage proposal anyway, I guess my instinct wasn’t wrong after all. I didn’t feel like going anywhere, I just wanted to lay in bed all day eat ice cream and wallow in self-pity. I almost achieved this until my phone rang at 2pm and it was Jamal, I ignored his calls and he sent an SMS saying he knew I was home and he was coming over. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom to take a shower and freshen up, I felt like I was in a Hollywood movie, plus I didn’t want to look like something the cat dragged out the bed when he got here.

Jamal had gotten home the previous night to get a  message from Lola, saying that their plan worked. She had managed to say she was pregnant for him loud enough for Mimi to overhear and she was sure she did. At the party the previous night, Jamal had planned with Lola to make Mimi jealous, though Lola still had the hots for him, they had a fling in the past but they were really good friends now, all he needed to convince her to do it was agreeing to buy her a new pair of Louboutin court shoes. The initial plan  had been to do it upstairs but Mimi decided to leave before they could it, so when  Jamal saw her head for the elevator he had asked Lola to get her friend and follow closely behind. Since she acted like she really didn’t care and flirted around with Dennis like he wasn’t there, he was going to give her a taste of her own medicine. He had wanted to call her after he got Lola’s message but he decided to calm down and wait till the next day. He planned to call first thing in the morning to set things straight and let her know it was all an act but his mom came into town and family duty called. When he called her twice in the afternoon and she didn’t pick, he knew if he waited another minute to set things straight there might be real trouble. So he sent an SMS, hopped in his car and drove straight to hers without even waiting for her response.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or hit him. I was happy and angry at the same time. Here we were standing in the middle of my room, he hadn’t even waited for me to come downstairs. I just heard a knock on my door as I wore my light cotton stay at home dress, I hadn’t even combed my hair, I said come in thinking it was my aunt but what I saw was Jamal, first his head as he popped in and he said,”hello babe”, with a very mischevious look on his face and then the rest of his body as he pushed the door open and entered. His gaze went over my body and I saw the lust in his eyes. The dress was really light and I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “Hi”, I said in a tone that was as cold as ice. “Easy there tiger”, he responded as he noticed my tone. I am here to explain and explain he did.

I could not believe my ears. I saw the hairbrush lying on the bed, my hand went straight to it and I flung it at him, he ducked and it hit the art hanging on the wall. I flung myself at him, attempting to scratch his eyes out, he held my hands and used his body to pin me against the wall. “You evil, son of a bitch”, I screamed at him. “Come on babe, you were the one playing games with me”, he responded not attempting to release me. “You turn down my proposal and tell me to give you time to think, I really don’t know what you want to think about cos I know you love, then your rub some guy on my face”, he continued. “You really don’t wanna know how it hurt, cos it did”. I stopped struggling and looked up at him. There was this hurt look in his eyes and it dawned on me that I really did  hurt. As I stopped struggling, we both noticed the awkwardness of our position, his whole body pressed against my light clad body and I felt his arousal. “Really”, I said, as I looked down his pants and looked up at him. His face broke into a smile and he replied, “well, I can’t help the way you make me feel.Then he lifted me up and headed for my bed, forgetting that my aunt was right downstairs.


HeartBroken: Wrong Place, Right Time


I got back from Abuja after Chisom’s wedding with the get married feeling weighing me down. The ceremony was lovely, I could see they both really loved reached other and I wanted something like they had. The truth is I didn’t really know if Jamal loved me as much as he claimed. I had not accepted his proposal, I told him it was so sudden and I wanted to think about it, though he was not happy and my aunt was mad at me, I just needed to be sure. I have known him for just a few months and even though the sex was awesome and I loved him, I still had some reservations, plus he was my boss.

I  made plans to hook up with Dennis my really old but good friend, we had done our masters together back in the UK and he was back in town for his sister’s wedding. He had invited me to come for a pre-wedding party at Mason Fahrenheit in VI and I was super excited. I was going with Dammie and I knew she will be at mine in a few minutes. I quickly went into the bathroom, took a shower and went to my wardrobe to look for what to wear. Few minutes later I was all dressed up in a long spaghetti strap black dress and a silver flat sandals. I did my makeup and as I put on my red Mac matte lipstick, which I have been taking extra care to make sure it doesn’t finish, as Mac products had skyrocketed with dollar exchange rate. I was just putting on some perfume when Dammie called to tell me she was downstairs. I grabbed my purse and went out to meet her.

We arrived at the party and it was already in full swing, Dennis was looking dashing as usual and Dammie was drooling. “He is such a player you know”, I whispered to Dammie, “I wouldn’t want you to get your heart broken”. Meanwhile, Dennis was all over me, “you look so different”, he said, “you have added some weight here and there and I like it”. “You will not change Mr”, I retorted, “come and introduce me to your sister joor”, I continued as I dragged him towards where some members of his family stood. He put his hands around my waist as we played around, then I saw a familiar figure step out of the elevator and as our eyes met, he frowned as he noticed the arms around me. “Damn! does he know everyone?” I thought.

Jamal had not expected to see her here, after she turned down his proposal and said she needed time to think, he has been trying very had to give her all the time and space she needed, now here she was with playboy Dennis drooling all over her and looking like he was going to have her for dinner. He didn’t even know they knew each other. He tried to control his jealousy as he headed towards them, “hi baby, he said, as he got to where they stood”. Dennis immediately took his hand away from my waist immediately Jamal said those words. “Hey J, he greeted as he looked from I to Jamal, I didn’t know you knew Mimi”. “Dennis, he said, as he brought out his hand for a handshake, I see you know my girlfriend”. “Really, you finally caught the ice queen herself”, Dennis said as his eyes widened in amazement at Jamal’s term, “my girlfriend”. “The ice queen huh”, Jamal said. “Yes, Dennis responded, she turned down every guy that asked her out back in the UK when we were doing our masters”. They both carried on as if I wasn’t there. Then Jamal turned to me and looked me up and down, “you look gorgeous”, he said with that knowing look I can never forget. “Thanks, I replied”. “I am going to say hi to the bride to be”, he said as he strolled across the room. I was surprised the hang around.

Jamal has planned that since she was playing him like this, he was going to make her jealous, immediately he saw her as he got off the Elevator. He decided to spend the whole evening dotting on the bride’s best friend Lola, who had the hots for him. They will stand so close to each other and Jamal and Jamal will throw a glance over if I was looking. I could not believe what was going on, I was so red with jealousy. Who was the girl hanging all over Jamal and he was even playing along, I thought. They had been at it for more than thirty minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so angry I decided to go downstairs to get some air, I walked straight to the elevator and pressed the button, as I stepped in I saw Jamal heading towards me. He managed to get in before the doors shut. “Where are you going”, he asked? and that was all I needed to burst. “Who was that?” I screamed at him, “hanging all over you and both of you were all over each other”.”Well, you said you didn’t want me, I didn’t think you would care”, he replied in a very curt manner. The elevator doors opened and I stepped out not bothering to check if he was following.

As we stepped outside the hotel, he reached out and grabbed my hand, I turned to face him, he drew me closer and brought his lips down on mine. It’s been long since we kissed and I missed him, I was mad at him at the same time. We kissed like we hadn’t seen each other in months. When we drew apart, he said, ” I don’t what you want me to do to convince you that I love you,  but you really need to make up your mind soon, I am not that patient and he walked away. Leaving me thinking of how I wanted to be his wife so badly, and how I was really stupid not to say yes to his proposal. I was lost in thoughts when two ladies walked past, I noticed one of them as the one that had been all over Jamal, I froze when I hear her say to her friend, “I went to the doctor finally, I am three months pregnant and I think it’s Jamal’s”. I felt shivers all over my body and I couldn’t move for a few seconds.



“Surprise! A very familiar voice called immediately I stepped into the compound that evening, I was very tired, all I wanted to do was fall in bed and sleep. Though it was my birthday, I didn’t feel like celebrating, all I wanted was a large bowl of vanilla ice cream, a cold shower, and my bed. I had kept it quiet at the office cause I didn’t want anybody making a fuss or anything. Chisom was on leave, she had taken some day to travel to meet her fiance to make traditional wedding plans. Since our fight, I hadn’t seen Jamal, I learned he traveled out of the country for a bit but he still sent me messages every morning and wished me goodnight every night even though I ignored him and never bothered to respond to the messages.

Jamal stepped out of from behind the gift wrapped Red Ford Explorer SUV packed in front of the house, my aunt and my uncle followed him closely behind as they sang happy birthday to me together. I was astonished, I didn’t know what I was feeling, I had hoped the day will just go by uneventful or so I thought. They finished singing the song and my aunt enveloped me in a bear hug. As she stepped aside, Jamal came closer and whispered in my ears, “happy birthday love, I hope you know I am not going anywhere”, and then he handed the car keys to me. I couldn’t believe it, the car was for me. I screamed and ran to where the car was parked, I didn’t so much about cars but that looked like the latest model Ford Explorer. I looked from my aunt to my uncle, then Jamal, who had that handsomely evil glint in his eyes. ” Is this really mine?  I asked. “Yes, it’s your Jamal responded and I am yours too if you will have me, he continued as he went  down on one knee, brought out the  red jewelry box from his pocket and opened it to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring, I had even seen. ” WILL YOU MARRY ME, MY FIESTY RUNNER”? , he asked. There, I got the marriage proposal I didn’t even know I wanted so much and I had no clue what to say.

Trouble in Paradise


As we stepped outside and got to the car park, I snatched my arms from his grip but before I could open my mouth to tell him what I thought about his behavior, his mouth claimed mine in a kiss I knew was meant to shut me up for a bit.In a matter of a second, the kiss that was meant to be a quick way of shutting me up turned to something else. Get a hold of yourself Mimi, I told myself, he is such a devil’s incarnate. I pushed him away but not before I noticed the bulge on his trouser and for a moment my eyes lingered. Jamal only wanted to shut her up but he should have known there was nothing like a quick kiss where she was concerned, the little witch has managed to wrap him round her finger.

“You are so infuriating”, I screamed after I managed to drag my eyes up to look at his face with that devilish smile on his lips. “I hate you, you can’t just walk into my life and turn everything upside down”, I can’t even listen to the lyrics of a song without thinking of you”, I continued. “You are my boss, we are not supposed to be doing this, this is not right and I am not going to do it anymore”. I was saying the truth, Jamal had come into my life and totally changed everything, the more I kept trying to push him away, the more he pushed back. I hated how much he made me feel. “So quit then”, I heard. I snapped out of my thoughts to look at him, maybe I didn’t here right. “Quit Mimi, yes I said it….You don’t have to work for me, we could get you another job somewhere, you are good at your job and with my help, we could find you some place good”, he said. “I am tired of you fighting me, fighting this…I know you feel for me the same way I fee about you, you make me crazy, I threw my work code out the window the moment I met you”, he continued. He came closer and drew me closer to him, do you think you are the only one that knows what we are doing is wrong? But the thought of letting you go is killing…I won’t do that. I could not believe what I was hearing, he wanted me to give up my job. I turned and I started walking away from him. Jamal knew it was going to be hard to convince her to give up her job but he wasn’t ready to lose her just yet.

I opened my phone as I walked close to the entrance and ordered an Uber before Jamal caught up with me. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Home”, I said in a very cold tone. This has gotten bad really fast Jamal thought. He knew she was not going to listen to whatever he was going to say, so he just decided to stand with her till her Uber arrived. The driver stopped in front of the entrance, as I walked to the car, Jamal grabbed my arm and said, I will never hurt you, Mimi, I care about you too deeply to, I just want us to work this out…I know we can make us work. I loosened his grip and walked towards my Uber. All the way home I wondered what the heck I was going to do. I got myself into this mess and I need to find a way to get myself out of it.


Pictures From Yudala Zero Gravity – Lagos


Yudala Zero Gravity – a multi-city digital entertainment concert powered by composite e-commerce outfit Yudala – kicked off with a mega music blast at the Landmark Centre, Oniru on Sunday October 2, with a  host of superstar artistes on hand to thrill the audience including Olamide, Naeto C, Sound Sultan, Humblesmith, Zoro and an eye-catching performance from fast-rising act, David Grey.

Here are some Images from the event:

Yudala CEO, Prince Nnamdi Ekeh with Dance Crew
Stanley Leo Ekeh welcoming guests at the event


David Grey with SoundCity Presenter


Naeto C with MTV Presenter



MTV Base presenter and Humble Smith
Guests on the Red Carpet


Ali Baba thrilling Guests

Pictures of artists during their performance.

Zoro thrilling the crowd with his amazing dance steps.
Talented crooner Sound Sultan gave an awesome performance.
Olamide stole the show

The Yudala Zero Gravity trains moves on to the city of Abuja with talented rapper Phyno headlining the  Contemporary Music Blast on October 21st and a Rock Gospel Concert on October 22nd while the city of Enugu headlined by the king of highlife Flavour N’abania  will rock on November 5th and 6th with a Contemporary Music Blast and Rock Gospel Concert respectively.


Dinner Date and Other Surprises


As I dressed for our dinner, I put on a mini cream colored lace dress I had been saving for a special occasion and took extra care with my makeup. I thought about the night ahead, I just wanted to have fun, it has been a while I did. I was still planning Chisom’s secret engagement and it took a whole lot not to tell her, plus it was as if wherever I turned, she just popped up. I had to sneak out of the office today, so I can go pay for our reservation at Rhapsody. Immediately I stepped into Rhapsody, my phone rang and it was Chisom wanting to know where I had gone so early. I just cooked up a lie about having an out of the office meeting and escaped home after.

As I sprayed my Jimmy Choo’s cherry blossom perfume which I have been hoarding because I didn’t want it to finish, with the economic recession, the price of designer perfumes has skyrocketed, I have to manage this one till I can find where to tap one. See how I didn’t say steal, that’s because it’s not stealing when you take a bottle of perfume from someone that has a whole lot and won’t miss it. My phone beeped, I checked and it was an SMS from Jamal saying he was downstairs. I had told Mary earlier that he was coming and she should let him in when he arrives. My aunt traveled to the US to visit their son and his wife, so Mary and I had the house to ourselves.

As I got downstairs and approached the living room, I felt a bit nervous, I wondered why I felt this way, it wasn’t like this was our first date or something, I have slept with this guy for christ’s sake, so why do I still have butterflies? He stood up as I walked towards him, he was drop dead gorgeous in his navy blue shirt and pants, he topped it off with a black suede shoe which looked really expensive. He left two buttons of the shirt undone to reveal a lovely gold chain and glimpse of his broad chest. I caught myself immediately I realized I was ogling only to realize he was doing the same. I had decided to match my dress with the same color of shoes and from the way he looked at me I knew he liked it. “You look really lovely, ” he said after he had looked me from head to toe and not hiding that fact. “Thank you, you look really good too”, I responded. He took my hand and said, “shall we”, as he led me through the door to the car.

He kept throwing glances at me as we drove, I wondered what was going on in his head. “Chisom and Stanley are engaged”, I said. “Yes, I know, I helped Stanley pick out the ring, I was really surprised when he told me his intentions”, he responded. “I still can’t believe it, I know he really liked her, guess I just didn’t know how much”, I said. “Well, the heart wants what it wants”, some people just refuse to see it”, he replied. Why did I have the feeling he was no longer talking about Chisom and Stanley? I just kept quiet as we drove all the way to Civic center.

The event was fun, it was like a cocktail party, people mingled . I ran into a few friends, and so did Jamal, one his lady friends decided not to leave again. I went to the restroom to freshen up, and as I walked back, I sighted her all over him, looking like she wanted to swallow him whole. I felt a pang of jealousy, which I tried to push aside. A very familiar figure strolled towards me, it was Ayo, Yoruba demon who broke Dammie’s heart. “Hello beautiful”, he said and gave me that his wicked delicious smile. As evil as he was, I liked him, he had a wonderful sense of humor and he was very playful. “Evil child”, I responded as we hugged each other. Yes, I know he broke my dear friend’s heart but he was my friend and I warned Dammie. “Fancy meeting you here, he continued, I am not surprised, though, I know you can waka for Africa”. We both laughed, “see the pot calling the kettle black”, I responded.

Jamal sighted her halfway down the hall and wondered who the guy hanging all over her was. He started walking towards them as he ignored his old friend Funmi, who was hanging all over him. He knew Mimi has been uncomfortable when Funmi joined them and he has been looking for a polite way to tell her to go away but he didn’t care right now. Funmi followed him behind, as he approached were Mimi stood with the gentleman. “Hey baby”, I was beginning to look for you”. I froze as I heard Jamal use that endearment on me. There was something about his tone and his eyes were questioning. Oh! I thought, he is jealous, like he had the right to be when he had been letting that girl hang all over him all evening. “This is Ayo, I introduced. Ayo, this Jamal my f”…….”her boyfriend”, Jamal said cutting me short, it’s nice to meet you, Ayo, he continued as they shook each other. I was shocked by Jamal’s label. Funmi who was beginning to feel as if she was being left out decided to join in the introductions. “I am Funmi, Jamal’s friend”, she said. Ayo who could never look past a pretty face struck up a conversation immediately. While they were engulfed in their conversation, Jamal led the still shaken up me, out of the hall. Jamal knew she was going to be mad, so he decided to take her out of the hall to avoid a scene.

She Got Hitched


“I am getting married she screamed, waving the huge rock on her finger in my face as she jumped up and down”, immediately I stepped inside the compound and shut the gate. I wondered if she had been standing there waiting for me to come back all the while. The look on Chisom’s face was that of pure happiness, I couldn’t help but be happy with her, but then I felt a little envious and I wondered where that feeling came from. “Stanley proposed last night, t I was coming to the office to tell you this morning when I saw…she paused for a moment, wait let me just finish being happy she continued before I strangle you. We hugged and I told her I was really happy for both of them.

I knew Stanley really loved this girl, the Stanley I knew had never been so smitten with a girl, he always acted all macho and annoying and was always like, “no girl can tie me down”, but the moment she met Chisom, it was like a charm, he was practically eating out of her hands. I saw the way they looked at each other and the way they shuttled from Lagos to Abuja or the other way round every weekend, no two people in their right mind would have gone through such stress if it didn’t mean anything. It had only been six months and some weeks since they met but I guess once you know, you know.

As we stepped into my room, Chisom didn’t even wait for me to drop my bags before she grabbed my arm, “what are you doing with the boss? she asked, you are treading on dangerous grounds girl, I know he’s really hot, but you know office romance always ends  badly, and one with the boss…hmm”. “I know I answered, why do you think I have kept it to myself all this while?” “Wait, she said as she glared at me, “How long has this been going on for?” “Since my first day or so”, I responded in a very low tone , as I avoided her searching eyes. “But I really like him, there’s just something about him that makes my senses take a dive”. “If you tell anyone, I will kill you, I threatened”. She smiled at me as we both sat down , she wanted to hear every single detail, “when it started, how it started, what has happened? she told me not to leave any single juicy detail out. I told her everything and she could not believe all this had happened right under her nose. “He loves you, you know”, she said after I had given her the whole story. I was a bit taken aback by her statement, “why would you even think that I asked?” “I have seen the way he looks at you most times at the office when he thinks no one is looking, I didn’t read any meaning into it, but after hearing this story, I am 100% certain”. “C’mon, you know that is not true”, I protested. “Well, I have told you, she said, you can believe me or not, but he’s tripping really hard girl”. We both giggled over it. She said she was hungry and I went downstairs to make us some noodles.

I climbed into my bed a few hours later after Chisom had gone, I had called Stanley and threatened to murder him for not telling me his plans, he had said he wanted it to be a surprise since I never thought he was ever serious. I felt the love in his voice when he spoke about Chisom and I believed they were meant to be. He had traveled back to Abuja early in the  morning but he said he will be back over the weekend for a proper engagement party and I should help him organize one, but I shouldn’t let Chisom know, he wanted it to be a surprise. I agreed, we talked some more and then he bid me goodnight. As I shut my eyes, Chisom’s word floated around my head, “he loves you, you know, I have seen the way he looks at you”. I smiled as I waved the thought away. She is just imagining things I thought, all though some parts of me wanted so much for those words to be true. I drifted off to sleep and into the land of wonderful dreams, with the hope that my tomorrow will bring greater news.