Diary Of a Single Lagos Girl

I am going to tell you a story, story of my life, a very crazy but interesting story. My name is Mimi, I come from a good Christian home, I could say I never lacked anything when I was growing up, but then from a very tender age, I always found myself wanting more. I didn’t really know what I wanted but I knew I wanted more. So let’s fast forward to after university, youth service and two years in the UK, I finally moved to Lagos permanently.

I arrived in Lagos with this dream, of getting a great job, an apartment of my own, a good, handsome man, “yes, I have a thing for really good looking dudes”. Anyway, I wanted it all, just like every other young graduate. So I set out, I went online and registered on all job portals and also some dating sites, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. I applied for the jobs with great enthusiasm,” you should know I applied for almost both the jobs I was qualified to apply for and the ones I wasn’t”. I just wanted to get something fast. On my dating sites, I also got lots of matches. I wasn’t a bad looking girl at all. I was tall, good looking and really curvy, let’s use the term,”sexy”, yes, I was sexy as hell”, pardon my language.

The first lesson I learnt on meeting the first guy from my dating site was that they believed every girl was a hooker.I met this guy, he was an Hausa guy, I can’t remember his name and I couldn’t care less really. We met somewhere on the Island and he decided we should go for a drive , I asked where we were going and he told me i would see. We got to this place in Victoria Island that looked like a hotel, well, it was a hotel. We got down from the car, I didn’t ask anymore questions, I just followed him. It was a really nice hotel, he told me his friend stayed there, we were gonna just chill and have a drink. I agreed and we when we got to his friends really nice suite, he introduced me and we just got talking. After a while, his friend went out and it was just both of us.In my mind I wondered what Nollywood movie this dude wanted to act. He came up to where i was sitting on the bed and sat beside me, the next thing he did was to try to kiss and touch me. My reaction was to protest, I tried to push him off but he was adamant. He told me he wasn’t doing anything, he just wanted to feel me. I was like, “dude, we just met, can you hang on a second?”. But, he didn’t listen, as he continued to try to feel me, if I may use his words. I managed to stand up from the bed and give him a very good kick. I grabbed my bag from the centre table and walked out without looking back.

As I got into the elevator and pressed the ground floor button, I did the sign of the cross and thanked God I got out of there. Note to self, ‘Internet dating, big no no’, blind dates,’ never in my life’. I got into the first taxi I saw without bargaining or anything and told him to take me home. I had a job interview the next day and I needed a good night rest before I can face the hassle again tomorrow.



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