My Job Interview

“Tell me about yourself?”, How I hated that question, in whatever context it was asked. Here I am in my interview the next morning and this scrawny looking HR man was asking that dreadful question. My name is Mimi Ossai……I started, with a very straight face, as I tried really hard not snarl at the man. When I was done with the long talk and looked at their satisfied faces, I knew I had fooled them with my long English and smart talk, ‘boy could I act’. I smiled feeling very proud of myself. The cheerful fat lady that had earlier introduced herself as Mrs Peters asked me a few more questions, which I answered knowledgeably. Then the annoying know it all, who introduced himself as Tunde the admin manager, “like I cared what his position was”, began another series of questions. “Like seriously, I thought”, I am interviewing for the position of communications and PR executive not the managing director for christ’s sake. I sucked it up and answered him with a plastered smile on my face. I was so hungry, I couldn’t wait for the interview to end, the only thing in my mind was Yellow Chilli’s delicious egusi soup with eba and lots of beef, “Oh yes! I am a foodie too”.

Thank you for coming in,  you will hear back from us soon  Mrs. Peters, said as she struggled to get up from her seat, I managed to drag myself back to reality and reply very cheerfully, “thanks a lot for having me”. I walked out of the building feeling all fly, I know I looked good in my hugging mid-length black suit dress, black and white tote bag and red court shoes. The looks I got, told me so too. As I was getting into the car, hell-bent on going to fulfill my long throat desires at Yellow Chilli, my phone rang and guess who it was, “Mr I just wanna feel you”. I guess I didn’t kick him really well, he still had the nerve to call me. I wanted to hear what he had to say, so I picked up and mouthed “hello” in a very cold tone. “Hi Mimi, he replied, it’s Saliu”. Yeah! Yeah! like i didn’t know it was his big head in the first place. “How can I help you? I asked”. It turned out I had earlier told him about my interview and he wanted to find out how it went. “Really”, I thought to myself, he is forming like he cared now abi, maybe I kicked some sense into his head. I told him it went fine, I was done and I was on my way to lunch. “Where are you going to for lunch? he asked i can meet you there. I thought to myself, “well, that means I won’t be paying for lunch after all. “I am going to Yellow Chilli, I replied. See you in a bit sweety, he said. “Yeah right, I am sweety now”.

I got to the restaurant, touched up my makeup in the car and headed inside. I sighted him seated at the corner of the restaurant, and walked towards him, he stood up as I got to the table. “Wow!, I thought to myself, he did look dashing in a suit”. He brought out his arms for a hug, and I was tempted to ignore him. He was acting like a gentleman and all, and he hadn’t acted like an ass the night before. I gave him a hug and he drew out a seat for me. I sat down, he asked me what I would like to have, he ordered and as while we waited for our order, we got talking and I almost forgot all about last night. Almost, though, I didn’t forget and boy, could I hold a grudge.

The food came and like I imagined, it was delicious.

As we left the restaurant and he was walking me to my car, he asked what I was doing the next day, and if we could have lunch again. “Hmmmm! I thought to myself, this is getting serious”, but wait for oo, I must have kicked some sense into this dude. My response was, “we’ll see how it goes”. He accepted the response and told me he will call me later. As I drove away, I noticed as he entered the back of the g-wagon packed just beside my car, “dude had a driver too I thought and shook my head and drove straight to my best friend Lola’s office to give her the new gist.


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