Innocently Guilty

He looked at me and smiled, I scowled and turned away focusing on the cinema brochure I was holding like I didn’t know the movie I wanted to see before I got to the mall. This was the same guy that almost knocked me over with his car at the parking lot because he wasn’t looking where he was going or rather, I wasn’t looking where I was going. “He’s cute”, I thought, clean shaven, unlike the whole beard gang craze that’s going on for guys these days, not that am complaining, some guys look damn sexy with those beards. But this guy didn’t have the beard thing going but he was cute and there was something about his eyes. I kept stealing glances at him and whenever he looked up, I pretended like I was busy with my phone. It was my turn to pay for my ticket and as I approached the counter to pay, a sexy voice said from behind me, very close to my ear, “why don’t I buy your ticket? something tells me we are seeing the same movie”. His voice sent goosebumps all over my skin, and boy, did he sound good? I turned around and met his broad chest, my eyes moved from his chest up to his eyes, bad move… he had this twinkle in his eyes and this look like he was daring me to refuse. Anyway, I accepted, not because of the look he was giving me, but because I’ve never been known to say no to a free offer.

My name is Ayo he said as he handed the attendant his debit card. Hmmm! Yoruba demon, I thought to myself. “I’m Mimi, I replied”. “It’s really nice to meet you, Mimi,” he responded”. I’m sorry I nearly ran you over, I kinda lost concentration. ” Really, I replied, so you lost concentration, just like that?”. “Well, have you seen yourself? That’s enough to make anyone loose concentration”. Chai! this guy is full of shit I thought. “I know what you are thinking, he said”. “I mean it, I saw you and I just had to get a good look”. The attendant was smiling at me as she handed us the tickets, obviously enjoying the conversation. We took the tickets and went to get some popcorn.

As we approached the counter, there was Saliu coming out with his box of popcorn and a lady that kinda looked like him. Oh shit! I thought to myself, he called me like three hours ago and I told him I didn’t feel like going out and that I was gonna sleep in. Now, this Yoruba demon has put me in trouble with his stupid eyes. Not like I was dating Saliu or anything, but I don’t think the arrogant ass knew that, we had only gone on two dates, even though the first one didn’t count. I prayed he would turn the other way and not see me. I tried bringing out my phone from my purse as a means of distraction, as I looked up, the next thing I saw was Saliu walking up to where we stood. He stopped in front of us and said, “hi babe, fancy seeing you, in a very cold tone.




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