After Hours

Guess how the cinema run in went? Well, that’s a story for another day. I managed to get home feeling a little guilty, Ayo gave Saliu and I a little privacy to talk. There wasn’t much talk from me, Saliu did all the huffing and puffing, which had me trying to set him straight on the fact that we aren’t even dating and he hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend, besides, he was there with a girl too. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from seeing my free movie and enjoying it.

My aunty is this easy going woman that everybody can’t help but fall in love with, I call her big aunty, her name is Mrs. Jane Adams. She has been married to her British husband Mr. Scott Adams for 32 years and they were the best. They had just one son who lived in the states with the family and since I was young, they had always treated me like the daughter they never had and I loved them immensely. They are the ones I live with, in Lagos, I have this fear of living alone, I know, i’m a chicken….lol. Anyway, I got home and told her what went down at the cinema and she looked at me and shook her head. “One day you will get yourself in big trouble young lady, she said” as she sat down waiting for more gist. She always loved my stories and I could tell by the smile and the look of anticipation on her face she was waiting for more. She got married at the age of 21, a bit early I must say, but you can’t help love now, can you? I am so waiting for my own Mr. Scott Adams. Sometimes, I was envious of them. They practically did everything together, it was almost annoying. We talked for a bit, about guys and how she got married so early, she missed all the fun. “Don’t jump into it early dear, take your time okay, I am one of the lucky ones that is why I can’t complain, she said. “You are more than lucky big aunty, I replied”. I want a man like Uncle Scott. “We can share if you want, she said”, and we both burst into laughter. She stood, still laughing, and bade me good night.

Tomorrow was my first day at work. Oh! before I forget, I got that job I interviewed for, so you guys are looking at the new communications and PR executive of Gold Africa Ltd. I was both excited and had cold feet at the same time. I hate being the new person in any place, I tend to observe first before I blend in. In situations like this, I wished I was more like my good friend Dami, she just jumps right in, you can’t help but love her, she was full of life. I decided to give her a call to help boost my morale before I slept. She picked the phone in just one ring. “Hi babe, how are you? guess what, I just met this really cool, fine looking dude, he’s a hunk, you should see him babe”. Trust Dami to turn the conversation around and make it all about her, I still love her all the same. Ping!! Ping!!! I just sent you a picture of him, that was her sending a picture of the so-called hunk to my phone. I couldn’t help but laugh, Dami was so full of it. “Calm down girl, we will talk about your hunk later, now what I need is a boost for my new job tomorrow, I said”.” Oh yes! Sorry, I almost forgot, you should wear that your red peplum dress and the black court shoe makes you look sexily official, she said”. What in God’s name is sexily official I asked her, with a smile on my face. “Yes naa, sexily official is the new hot, she continued.  I’m not talking about my dressing Dami, I already know what I want to wear, I just need to to know how relate with live people, If it were virtual, I won’t have a problem, you know? Come on girl, “no be you again, introduce yourself and everything else will fall into place”. she said with laughter in her voice, I knew she was teasing me. Don’t worry girl, it will be fine, you will be fine, it’s just a job. I knew that though, but hearing her say it was also like reminding me of what I knew. We talked some more and bade each other good night.

I went to take a shower and get ready for bed. As I climbed into the bed some minutes later to get some sleep, I remembered I hadn’t checked out Dami’s hunk. I picked up my phone, scrolled to my BBM and opened the picture, lo and behold, a picture of my Yoruba demon, Ayo flashed on the screen, my jaw dropped.



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