The Takedown Plan

Dami wasn’t so thrilled about the news but she took it quite well, better than I expected. She wanted the whole story of how I met Ayo and told me she will come up with a plan on how we will deal with him. After running around a whole lot of crazy ways, we just decided that Dami would invite him out for drinks and I will show up like few minutes into their outing, which seemed like a good plan. After a tasty meal of white rice and chicken sauce, I headed back to the office.

The week flew by pretty fast. I kinda blended into work easily  and by Friday, I didn’t feel like the new girl anymore. I heard that the communications department’s budget had been caught down and with so much on my plate and the whole pile of work I had to do, I wasn’t gonna have it, what they gave me to work with was hardly enough. I met with Andy the GM to talk about it and he told me he would speak to the CEO when he returns, which will be on Monday.

I woke up Saturday morning with the mother of hangovers, I met with Dami and some of our other friends, Amanda, and Chisom the night before. It was girls night out, we went to our favorite lounge, The Spot, they made the meanest margarita and the music there was really good. We drank, danced and drank some more, it’s been a while we came together and we really had fun. I looked at the table clock by  the bedside, 1pm. Damn! I jumped out of bed, big mistake as my head nearly fell off. I sat down on the bed for a minute to steady the banging on my head. I had to go shopping, I was almost out of everything and I knew if I didn’t do it today, it will have to be pushed to next weekend. I stood up slowly and walked to the bathroom, I needed coffee, black coffee. I took a quick shower, threw on a pair of white jean trousers and a floral sleeveless top, I brushed my hair and pulled it in a ponytail, I didn’t feel like making up so I made sure I put my dark sunglasses in my handbag. I shoved my feet into a pair of white flat sandals and went down to the kitchen in search of coffee.

I loved shopping, lol…I guess every girl does, but I just love shopping, for clothes, for shoes, for anything, It was like an addiction. I got to the mall and it was like everyone came out to shop today, the car park was full, I drove round and round for like 10mins looking for where to park. Finally, I was able to spot an open space, it was a bit of a walk to the mall but I didn’t mind. As I climbed out, I saw two young good looking couple, giggling and walking towards the mall, the guy had his hands on the lady’s ass. It reminded me that I had not had sex in 5months, not like am celibate or anything but I have just not met anyone that I was attracted to since my ex. My mind immediately went to Jamal, gosh! how could I forget such hotness? Then Ayo, my Yoruba demon, and Saliu too. “Hmmm! I thought, I could really pick any of these guys”, I worked with Jamal and I didn’t wanna date anyone at my workplace but Saliu was a good one, even though I wasn’t so sure if we would make a good match. Well, since I didn’t have anyone to attend to my sexual needs now, I guess a vibrator will be added to my shopping list. I might call Saliu though, a girl can only live once, I kept thinking about that as I stepped into the mall. Another thing on my shopping list, hot sex with Saliu.

I ended up buying much more than what I had on my list, not like it was a surprise, I did it all the time, but of all the things I bought, the red lace dress was the best, I planned to wear it to Ayo’s take down tomorrow. Yes, I and Dami had finally concluded on inviting Ayo for drinks, Dami will do the inviting and I will run into both of them, I can imagine the look on Ayo’s face and what his reaction will be. I kind of liked him, even though from the day I met him, I knew he will be up to no good. Well, I couldn’t wait to see how the takedown will go.



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