The Turn of Events

I sighted Dami and Ayo from a distance, they were seated across from each other and pressing their phones, I stood for a minute to observe both of them, they weren’t even talking to each other and I wondered what was going on. I sent Dami a message saying I was in the lounge and she will see me in a bit, she responded so fast which left me wondering some more.

I approached their table,stopped and said hi. Dami looked up and acted surprised like we planned. “Hey girl, she responded as she jumped up to give me a hug, what are you doing here”?  I hugged her back and explained that I just concluded a brief meeting with a potential client. “Meet my friend Ayo she said as she pointed towards Ayo, I turned towards Ayo and tried to look surprised. “You! I exclaimed, how do you know Dami? He didn’t even look surprised, he just stood up and engulfed me in a big hug. “Thank God I found you again, he said totally ignoring my question, I tried to call you after that movie date and I found out I didn’t save your number and I didn’t know how to start looking for you. Dami and I were both dumbfounded, we looked at each and looked backed at him with our mouth opened in shock. I didn’t know what to say, neither did Dami. Well, Dami is a friend, we met a few  days ago, I think two days before I met you. She was having issues with her debit card at the supermarket, so I helped out, there was a charming grin as he added, am all for damsels in distress. I looked at Dami, hoping she will help out and make this situation less awkward.

“So,, do you want to join us”? he asked. I looked at Dami, she smiled and sat down, and beckoned on me to seat, I was a bit suprised, because the Dami I knew would have gotten angry and acted like the drama queen she is. We all sat and I ordered a drink, Dami teased about how I was so addicted to margarita and how if it were a man, I would be married by now…lol, I do love margaritas though, especially the frozen ones. We  actually had a good time together, the three of us, we teased each other, joked and laughed. My plan with Dami took a totally different turn, not a bad tun though. Ayo, as it turned out just moved back to Nigeria from the US permanently and was looking to make new friends, he had lived in the states for fifteen years and now he was back to take  over his father’s company after his death. We sympathised with him over the death of his father, which he waved away telling us it was okay.

I got home at past eleven pm thinking about how the night went and the dramatic turn of events. Dami and I both like Ayo, he seemed nice afterall, even though he was too cute for his own good. My aunty stopped by my room to find out how our plan went and laughed at how it all  turned out saying it was a good for us the young man didn’t even notice our evil plan. I climbed into bed to switched off the bedside lamp and was about to doze off when I got a message on my phone. I picked it up and it was a mail from my work . The CEO was requesting for a meeting with me tomorrow morning  in regards to the budget cut I complained about, at the end of the message, It was signed Jamal Kene Gold as the CEO.”Oh shit! I swore”, as my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket.



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