The Meeting

“I can’t believe I have got the hots for my boss, not just any boss o, the Oga at the top kind of boss”. “Why did he have to look so good?”, I thought as I walked into my office the next morning. I took extra care in dressing up today. I wore a  fitted white T.M Lewin shirt, tucked into a red pencil skirt, black court shoes and my  favourite polka dot bag to top it off, I knew I looked like a million bucks. I dreaded the meeting this morning, not because I didn’t want to see Jamal, but because he was my boss and I had this crush on him and I didn’t know how to act. A thought came into my head, “call Amanda”.

Amanda was one of my oldest friends and the best at giving advice. She picked on the third ring, “Hi babe, sup? she had a really nice soothing voice too. “I am fine dear, how are you? I responded”. She said she was ok and she just got to the office and was trying to settle down. “Remember Jamal? I began, the guy in my office I told you was the sexiest man ever. “Yes, she responded, the one you nearly kissed, she said laughing”. “Come on, am serious Mandy, I responded”. “Okay, okay, go on, she said”.  I told her all about my complaint on the budget cut, how I got a mail requesting a meeting with the CEO and how the CEO turned out to be Jamal. “You are in deep shit girl, this is not good at all”, she said, after I have given her the full gist. “You know what, clear your mind, when you get in there act like it’s the first time you are meeting him, remove the previous meeting from your mind, Okay? Just act professional and keep a straight and serious face, you know you have the most expressive face in the world”, she said and chuckled.  I laughed too, I knew my face always had a way of telling on me. “Thanks babe, I responded, I will do everything you’ve said, I’ve got to go it’s almost time,  will call to fill you in on how it went. “I will be waiting” Amanda replied and wished me a nice day.

I picked my Ipad and headed for Jamal’s office down the hall. I stopped at the door braced myself and opened it, his PA was seated in the outer office, She said to hold on as she went to announce my arrival. I stepped into his office and closed the door, he didn’t look up from his laptop, so I just stood to wait for him to recognise my presence. He looked up after a few second, smiled and said  “hi Mimi, please have a seat”, he motioned to the seat right in front of his huge desk.  The smile was a killer, I nearly melted, I prayed he couldn’t see the effect he had on me written all over my face. “Good morning Mr Jamal, I responded to his greeting, putting up my no-nonsense face. “Just call me Jamal “, he said. “Sorry,  good morning Jamal. “So, how are you settling in, I hope everything is fine? he asked. “Everything is fine, but I have one problem”, I replied. “I know, your budget cut”, he said, with a mischevious smile on his face”. I wondered if he was intentionally using that smile to disarm me. We talked about what can be done to increase  the budget and we argued about some other stuff, including how I want to work and how he wanted me to go about things.

Jamal really liked this girl, there was this fire in her eyes and just something about her he really wanted to find out.  She was pretty and so damn curvy, he has seen his share of beautiful women, but  there was just something about her. She had this innocent and seductive look all at the same time, plus her face was so expressive. He could tell she liked him but she was doing a really poor job of covering it up, he wondered why? “She’s so young”, he thought, she will be 25 in a month, he knew because he had gone through her resume after he met her the on the first day, he was six years older than her and he would really love to find out how innocent she was. He has a policy of never getting entangled in the workplace or with an employee, but this girl was making him want to throw his policy away.

“Thank you Jamal , I said and stood up, Jamal snapped out of his thoughts quickly and stood up with me, “Anytime”, he responded, “my doors are always open whenever you have any questions”. He stood and started walking with me to the door, I wondered why he was walking me out,  I had got a good glimpse of his white fitted shirt, tucked into a pair of blue jean pants as he stood up, damn! he was really hot. We both walked to the door, and tried to open the door at the same time, My hand landed on the door knob, the same time as Jamal’s did, and there was the spark again, we snatched our hands away quickly at the same time, neither of us said a word as we stared at each other. “Gosh! I wish I could kiss those lips”, I thought as I stepped forward, unconsciously. Jamal brought his face down, “She has really gorgeous eyes”, he thought, and drew nearer, the only thing he wanted to do was get a taste of those beautiful lips. A knock sounded on the door and both of them drew apart instantly. Jamal’s PA threw the door open and before Jamal could react, I fled.











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