Hangover + A Wake Up Call

The kiss, oh boy! Did it fill really good? Jamal was a really good kisser and as much I wished it had lasted a little longer, no, much longer but I had to end it because it was the right thing to do. It was Saturday morning and this kiss was still stuck in my head, my whole body still tingled whenever I remembered how it felt. I didn’t tell Dami and Amanda about it because I knew they won’t let me hear the end of it plus I still wanted to keep it to myself for little longer. I avoided Jamal the whole night, after the kiss. He had gotten back to the table like a few minutes after I did, he kept throwing glances my way and didn’t even bother to hide it. I knew I wanted this guy, but he was my boss and I didn’t want to be one of those girls that mess around with their bosses or colleagues at the office.

I still lay in the bed, feeling like someone that was drugged. The girls were pretty excited last night, they kept the cocktails coming and am not one to say no to Margarita anytime, we even did shots, courtesy of some very cute guys who could not keep their eyes off fine girls, lol…. I thanked God I didn’t drive because I would have had to leave my car at the car park and pick it up today. It was 1 pm, I knew my aunt and her husband would have gone to the club and I was home alone. I needed coffee so bad, I dragged myself out of bed and managed to get downstairs to the kitchen. My head was pounding, but that was not new, I  must admit, I am a bit of a drinker, but only on Friday and Saturday nights though..lol, a girl has got to live. I made my coffee and sat down  at the dinning table in the kitchen and enjoyed the hot dark liquid, I felt a bit of relief as the beverage ran down my throat. A knock sounded on the door, I wondered who that could be as I wasn’t expecting anyone and most of my aunt friends knew they would be at the club today. “Aunty, you have a visitor, Mary the house help came in and announced to me”. I looked at her, my still sleepy eyes widened, “who is the person?” I asked. “He said his name is Saliu”, she responded. “Oh my God! how did Saliu manage to find my house, and how did the security man even allow him in without calling the house to confirm? “Are you ok ma?”Mary asked with a concerned look on her face. “Yes, thank you Mary, let him know I will be with him shortly”, I responded.

I went upstairs, changed out of my nighties into a pair of pink shorts and a white t-shirt. I washed my face, brushed my hair and packed it in a ponytail. I walked into the sitting room and saw him focused on a programme on the TV. As I walked closer, he turned and stood up, he was looking good in his ash joggers and a black t-shirt. “Hi dear, I know you must be surprised to see me but I just had to come”, he said. A worried crossed my face, “I hope everything is ok? I responded. “Yes”, he sad as he drew near to give me a hug. We both sat down, “how did you even get my address”? I asked. “Dami gave it to me”, he responded with a mischevious smile on his face. “I am going to kill that girl”, I thought to myself. He drew closer to me and his smile was replaced by this serious look. “I would like to ask you something” he began. “I know the first time with met I acted like a total jerk and I will always be sorry for that. I have known you for a while now and you are beautiful, smart and very passionate, you are the type of lady am looking for. All the while he spoke, I was just looking at him and wondering where this was going. “So I would like you to have my baby”, he finished. My mouth fell open and for a moment, I couldn’t speak. “Have your child?” I asked in a throaty voice, as I regained my speech. “Yes sweety, I would like you to have a baby for me”. My mouth fell open once again.



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