Dreaming of Yesterday

Bad bad Monday. I hate Mondays, but this one, in particular, was the worst I have had in a while. First, I burnt my favourite white silk top, I blame it on the stupid pressing iron, though, I always complained it never got hot, today it decided to teach me a lesson. Then, I got into the office and saw a pile of files seated on my desk, like they forgot it was the 21st century and important stuff was now documented  on the computer. My meeting was cancelled because my client had to travel for an emergency and the graphics guy made a mess of the pictures we were supposed to use for our ads. Yes, I had that kind of day where you feel like going back to bed and waking up all over again. The only relief I had was that Jamal had to travel out of the country for a while and I didn’t have to face him, I was so happy I didn’t have to add it to my list of troubles, I was so stressed out. My personal life was a mess and work wasn’t even helping at all.

I wished I could turn the clock back to yesterday, the girls came over, I made vegetable soup and we had some white rice and pounded yam with it, It was Mandy’s favourite and I owed her lunch. Okay, I didn’t actually make the food, Mary did and I just dished it out, lol. I hate cooking…..I know, am a lady and all, but I actually don’t like cooking, I only do when am so bored or craving a particular dish and am a really good cook. We talked as we had lunch, from Saliu and the baby to Mr Polish and his N200,000 cheque, then I finally told them about Jamal and the breathtaking kiss. Their reaction was epic, Dami screamed and was like “yes, yes, I knew it, the way you’ve been going on and on about that dude, I knew it was just a matter of time before something like this happened”. “Come on Dami, you know that wasn’t how it happened, you weren’t even there”, I responded glaring at her, “he kissed me, not the other way round”. Mandy came to my rescue, “Okay, so he kissed you, we believe you, but you kissed him back, didn’t you?” “So much for her coming to my rescue”, I thought. “Well, so I kissed him back, but he kisses really good”, I answered trying to sound defensive. We went back on forth on the matter for close to thirty minutes. Dami suggested we should go swimming as the weather was really hurt, Her childhood friend Toby was in town for a meeting, he was lodging at Eko hotel and he could get us swimming privileges. She knew I wouldn’t say no because I love Eko hotel’s pool. We all trooped to my room to look for swimsuits. I love swimming, it was like the only sport I did and I had a thing for sexy swimwears.

We arrived at Eko hotel around past 4 pm. We all went to Dami’s friend’s room to change. I wore a black bikini, Mandy wore one piece swimsuit and Dami wore a floral bikini. The four of us, Toby included, all proceeded to the pool. Toby said there was no way he will let us, looking this fine go by ourselves to the pool. He made comments about how guys were going to want to murder him with their eyes as he was going to be all alone with us. Immediately we got to the pool, I untied my wrap cloth and just dived in, Dami was still asking what everyone was going to drink, she looked at me, shook her head and said, “sometimes I wonder if you are a Mami water, the way water use to draw you”. Mandy smiled and was like, “I agree totally, Are you a mermaid Mimi? she called after me”. I just laughed and swam to the deeper end of the pool.

Anyway, back to today, all I could think of was going home. I have had enough of everything and everyone and dreamt of my bed. I packed up at 5 pm and headed out the door, I walked pass Jamal’s door, I thought about him and why he had to travel on such short notice. As I walked past, the door open and my heart skipped a bit. It was his secretary, “Hi, she said with a smile on her face, I was just about to come to your office, you are leaving already?” she asked. “Yes, I responded, I hope everything is okay? I enquired. “Yes, she responded, Jamal asked that I give you this”, she handed over a package he held in her hands to me. “Oh! I exclaimed, wondering what it was as I took it. I wished her a good day and walked out of the building. I couldn’t wait to open it and find out what was inside.



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