Burning It Up

The week was a really stressful one, I had stayed at the office later than usual to take care of press releases and work with the graphics guy as he kept getting everything I gave him wrong. I wondered how he got to this point if he was really that dumb, but I found out he wasn’t dumb, he was just really lazy and unfocused, you practically had to sit on his head in order to get him to achieve positive results. I have missed going to the gym three times in a row and I promised myself I wouldn’t miss it today. I packed my trainers and gym wear in my duffel back this morning and put it in my trunk, I was ready to shed some calories.

The day went by swiftly, I brought food from home, so I didn’t go out for lunch, I just had lunch at the kitchenette with my new work friend Chisom, she was the assistant sales manager and we hit it off at the restroom after she forgot her tampon and I had to lend her one. She had the most beautiful face and am all for fine things, don’t get me wrong am as straight as they come. Anyway, She turned out to be my kind of person, we had the same sense of humour and we liked almost the same things. We met at the lunch room at 1:22 pm, she was already seated when I arrived. “Hey you”, she greeted as I walked in and went to heat up my food in the microwave. “Hi dear”, I greeted back as I sat down, she had this frown on her face. “What’s wrong?”, I enquired. She frowned some more and said, “am just tired, I need a massage, in fact, I need a weekend getaway”. I smiled and told her she wasn’t the only one, “I have been working late nights for this past few days, I just feel like my body has been panel beaten”, I stated. “I need to leave sales and come over to admin or communications, the fact that I read marketing doesn’t mean I have to be stuck in the sales department, even though it has its benefits”, she said. I laughed and wished her luck,”you think it’s easy abi, when you have to chase the graphics guy around and keep up with the crazy media guys”, I shook my head and stood up to get water from the dispenser, “nowhere is easy girl”, I told her.

As I walked back to my seat, Obinna  the COO walked in, he sighted us and started walking towards our table. “Good day ladies”, he greeted, his eyes never leaving my face. “Hi”, we both echoed. He chatted with us briefly and went his way when he noticed our response wasn’t very welcoming. “I see he is hitting on you already”, Chisom said to me. “How do you know?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face. “I saw the way he was looking at you, and it is typical Obinna, he hits on every fine lady that joins the firm”, she replied with a big smile on her face. “He’s harmless though”, she continued. I gave her a look and both of us just burst into laughter. We talked about men as we packed up and headed back to our offices, I haven’t told her about Jamal, I didn’t want to open my mouth and just blab about it, I wanted to be sure I was right about her. I told her I was going to the gym after work  so I will be leaving about 30mins early, she teased me about being hot already  and we said our goodbyes.

I walked into the gym at 5:3opm, so much for getting there early. I went to the changing room, got out of my work wear, grabbed my water bottle and went to warm up on the thread mill. I turned on my music, put on my headset and blanked. An hour thirty minutes after I had exhausted myself, I sat down on the long chair close to the entrance trying to catch my breath. This really short guy came and sat beside me, he sat a bit too close which made me look up, he smiled at me, and I gave him a look that said get lost but trust him not get the message. “Hi beautiful”, he said with the still stupid smile on his face. I stood up took my water bottle and walked away. I took a shower, grabbed my bag and proceeded to my car. I got closer and stopped in my tracks, that was the short guy leaning on my car, what is wrong with this guy, I thought. I put on my no-nonsense face and continued walking. I got to my car, ignored him, open the back door and put in my bag since he was leaning on the trunk I didn’t want to even speak to him nor tell him to move. “Dear, I was talking to you upstairs but its like you didn’t hear me, am Lanre”, he began, I see you come here often and I have been meaning to speak with you. I paused a little, “don’t be rude Mimi”, I cautioned. “Ok, how may I help you Lanre?” I asked. ” I would like you to feature in my music video, as a video vixen, you are so pretty and I would like someone with your qualities to star as my lead lady”, he said with that same stupid smile on his face. For a moment, I didn’t know what to say or how to reply. I turned got in my car, as I turned on the ignition, he leaned away  like he knew I wouldn’t think twice before running him over. I drove off, wondering why I even gave him a listen in the first place.


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