I Love Public Holidays

I love public holidays, lol…every Nigerian does, personally, I think there are too many public holidays in Nigeria but who is complaining? Not me. Today is gonna be my lazy day, I thought, I woke up at 7am, plugged my flash drive into the back of my TV and turned on the first season of Rookie Blue, as I plopped the pillow and tried to get comfortable, my phone rang, the sound of Nicky Minaj’s song Pills and Portion which was my ring tone rang a bit too annoyingly loud, I slid the phone under the pillow to silence the ringing. Who could be calling so early I thought, not wanting to look at the phone screen. I ignored it and focused on the movie, after a while, it rang again, I snatched it up and clicked on answer still without looked and mouthed angrily, “hello! “Lazy girl came the voice from the other end, I knew you will still be sleeping, because they gave you a free day, you want to kill yourself with sleep abi? C’mon, sound like you are happy to hear my voice osiso??” I recognized the voice almost instantly, It was Stanley, My brother from another mother, my best and one and only male friend, well, apart from Ayo who I just met and am yet to understand.

I and Stanley have been friends since forever, we lived on the same street when we were little, went to the same primary school, university and traveled to the UK for our masters together, even though it was in separate universities. When we got back he got a job in Abuja and left Lagos, I couldn’t believe it because Stanley was a born Lagos boy who always swore he would never leave for anything, but according to him when he got to job, “money talks and bullshit walks”, he couldn’t have said no because the pay was really good. Anyway, he told me he was coming into town today for the weekend and I should get ready to get spoilt. “Yayyyy!! I screamed jumping out of bed, “when will you be here? Do you want me to pick you up from the airport? I asked at the same time. “Sure babes, he responded laughing, I wouldn’t mind you chauffeuring me around, it been months I saw you, I bet you are fat now”, he teased. “Mumu boy, I am not fat, am just loaded in the right places”, I retorted, which got him bursting into laughter some more. “You will never change, how is that your pretty friend Amanda? he asked. Stanley was a born womanizer, and no matter how had I have tried to hook up with someone and get him to stay hooked, he never yielded. “Woman wrapper, better leave Mandy alone, she is too good for you”, I warned him. “Shut up, look who is talking, you that men follow around like flies”, he responded. “I will leave you at the airport to take all those annoying airport taxis now, I threatened with a big smile on my face. “See you at one dear, he said and hung up. I was still smiling as I played my movie which I had paused to pick up the phone.

At 11:30 am I threw on a white polo and a blue skinny distressed jean, put on a face cap, grabbed my keys and headed for the airport, the house was so quiet when I stepped into the sitting room so I assumed everyone has gone out. I got outside, got in the car and drove off to meet Stanley. It’s been months I saw him and I missed his big head, I remember when Mandy and Dami thought we were dating, it actually took me a while to convince them otherwise, Stanley was a good looking guy, what he lacked in height, he made up for in looks, he was like 5ft9 and I always teased him about being the taller one.They were quite surprised when it turned out I was saying the truth, he was like the brother I never had. I got to the airport 30minutes early, parked and went into the lounge to find a good place to seat and wait. I sat at a fast food at arrivals, opened my phone and sent him an SMS on where to meet me, then started playing candy crush to while away time.

My phone rang a few minutes later, I was already beginning to get bored. It was Stanley calling me, I picked and he said, “look up joor”. I looked up and saw him walking down, my face broke into a huge smile, I stood up and ran to give me a hug. He dropped his bag on the floor as he already anticipated my move and stood still, I jumped on him and we both nearly fell, after he set me on my feet and we have teased each other about who was fat and who was short, I looked behind him and did a double take, standing behind observing both of us was Jamal, with a funny look on his face. “Oh! Stanley exclaimed that’s my friend and mentor Jamal. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me whole.


4 thoughts on “I Love Public Holidays

  1. @chroniclesofasickmindblog You have to go back nd start from “My first day and meeting Mr Hotness”…..Then you will see how Jamal has that effect on her.


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