The Short But Long Ride

Sorry I have been AWOL, the holiday was great, but trust me, with a lot of drama. It’s not like I enjoy the drama or anything but somehow I always find myself in one. My whole weekend was like a movie, I felt like a Hollywood star…lol.

Well, after Jamal and the airport scene, I drove Stanley to his hotel against my wish as he refused to come and spend the holidays in the house saying my aunt will keep monitoring his every movement like a monitoring spirit. Big aunty really loved him and has always treated both of us the same way, even though she was tough on him sometimes because he was really spoilt. He also insisted that we dropped Jamal off since his house wasn’t far from his hotel in Lekki Phase 1, he said that I gave him a murdering look which he ignored. When he introduced us, Jamal told him we knew each other already, I felt he emphasized a bit on the knew each other and was looking at me as he said it. Stanley didn’t get around to asking how as Jamal changed the conversation immediately to ask him where he was staying. Throughout the ride home, I kept peering at him through the rearview mirror when he wasn’t looking and he didn’t hide the fact that he was looking, no staring and I bet he was doing it to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t hear half of the thing Stanley said as I got carried away by his good looks a couple of times, I imagined the kind of good looking kids we would have if we got married, immediately I thought that I shook myself out of it and concentrated on Stanley and his fooling around.

We got to Lekki and he directed me to his house, It was a beautiful cream coloured duplex with a red roof. We drove through the gate which was opened my a lanky middle-aged man which I assumed was his security man. Stanley came down to help him get his bags down and into the house, I came down also as I felt weird just sitting there waiting for them. I walked behind as they entered the house, inside was even more lovely. They carried the load upstairs as they talked about what I didn’t have a clue about and laughed  boisterously.

Jamal was so surprised when he ran into Mimi at the airport, he was filled with jealousy when he saw her jump on Stanley, his whole body had hardened at the thought of what her soft body would have felt like. What popped into his head then was, “I hope she is not sleeping with him?” The way they laughed and teased each other was like they have known each other for a long time, which he later learned that they have made his feeling of jealousy grow. He noticed that immediately she saw him, she turned a bit red and seemed embarrassed, then he remembered how he had kissed her at the party, how she had responded and then ran and how he had to stay in the restroom for an extra ten minutes to get a hold of himself. He really liked this girl, how she managed to make him ignore all his work rules he had no idea, but there was just something about her. “So you live alone in this big house?” Jamal snapped out of his thoughts when he realized Stanley was speaking to him. “Yeah, I like my privacy, plus everyone has moved to Abuja so I have to hold down the fort”, he responded. He caught a glimpse of Mimi sitting on the seat close to the door, he smiled as he realised she looked ready to bolt.

I stood up as Jamal approached, “so how are you?” he asked with a sexy smile on his face. “I am okay”, I responded. He had a way of looking at me that made me really nervous. Stanley had gone to use the restroom and he decided to use the opportunity to unnerve me some more because something told me he was doing it on purpose. He came really close to me, I tried to step back and realised I was already leaning on the wall, he laughed and asked,”why are you always running?”. “I am not, I…..before I could get my answer out, he covered my lips with his and used his hand to draw me closer, he tasted like buttermint and I couldn’t resist, as I lifted my hands up to hold his head to kiss him better, we heard the toilet flush and both of us sprang apart. I knew it was a matter of seconds before Stanley emerged from the restroom so I ran a hand through my hair and straightened my top, then I noticed the huge bulge in the front of his pants, my eyes widened as I looked up and found his eyes. “Well, now you know how I feel about you”, he said as he turned and started walked up the stairs.”I am taking you out tonight, you should wear the blue dress I bought you, I assume my PA gave it to you, he called from upstairs. He’s so annoying I thought my body still tingling from the kiss, he is so getting stood up, I planned to punish him for being so arrogant. Stanley came out and we left for his hotel, he nagged about my driving all the way, saying I drive like a drug dealer.



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