Caught At The Party

I am not going to make it easy for him, so he bought me the most exquisite blue dress and expects me not to say no to him, he has entered once chance. I lay down on the bed and was responding to my pings with the thoughts of Jamal in head. Imagine the way he even asked me on a date, as if he were ordering his younger sister or staff, well, I am his staff but this was not work. My phone rang and his name appeared on my screen, speak of the devil, I dropped the phone on the bed, it took all my willpower not to answer the call. Stanley had called earlier to invite me and my friends over for a barbeque he was attending at Banana island and I was quite excited to go as the week has been horrible due to the fuel scarcity and plenty grumpy people, I just needed to unwind. I already called Dami, Mandy travelled so I invited Chisom from the office instead as we’ve become fast friends. She accepted gladly because her week was almost worse than mine.

I wore a casual spaghetti strap short red  dress, the weather was so hot and it was the lightest gown, it was perfect. I was about requesting for a taxi when Chisom called to ask for the address, “hey girl, what’s the address? am about to leave the house”, she asked as soon as I picked. “Its 2nd avenue banana Island, I will confirm the exact house number from Stanley, are you driving?” I asked. “My cab guy is on the way, I can swing by and pick you up if you want”, she responded. “Oh! thanks, that will save me some stress, I don’t have fuel in the car, I will text you my address”, I said. “Ok dear, see you in a bit”.

The driver stopped us in front of a huge house, I and Chisom looked at ourselves and just burst into laughter, the driver like he read our minds was busy lamenting on how one person will have all the money in the world. “After dem go dey complain say money no dey money no dey, one pesin go carry our money build house wey fit contain my entire village people,” the poor man was busy lamenting and he didn’t hear us asking how much his money was. “Mr. Solo I can see you don’t want your money”, Chisom said in a louder voice. “Sorry ma o the driver said, na this house wey just confuse me”, your money na N2000. I couldn’t help but laugh because he was actually saying what I and Chisom were thinking. I called Stanley to come outside and take us in, as Chisom was paying the driver. We came down and saw him coming towards us, “Hey twinie, he said as we hugged each other, how are you? “hmmm, I looked up at him with my brows arched, “this one you are sounding all nice, what happened to you?” “I am always nice”, he replied with a devilish smile on his face, who is your lovely friend? he asked. His eyes were all over Chisom who was bent over the car telling the driver to be free to pick us up later in the day. He hasn’t even seen her face yet, guys chai!. As she stood up and walked to join us, Stanley’s eyes widened some more, I know, Chisom’s face was like something out of a painting, she is what you would call an African queen, dark and lovely. Stanley nudged me with his elbow and whispered, “who is she?”. “Hi”, Chisom greeted him as she approached where we stood. “This is Chisom, I introduced,  Chisom, this is Stanley”. I noticed Stanley was still staring, I nudged him with my elbow. “It’s nice to meet you, Chisom, Stanley said, still not moving his eyes from her face, he brought out his hand for a handshake and that’s how he didn’t let her hand go for the rest of the day.

We got to the poolside where the party was already in full swing. The smell of roasted meat filled the air and reminded me of how hungry I was. Ladies in skimpy clothes like myself and almost no clothes moved up and down, guys with laser hungry eyes watched from all angles, it was a typical Lagos party. We moved closer to the bar at the extreme of the house, I noticed someone standing with his back at me in grey shorts ,dark blue t-shirt, and black sneakers , he looked really familiar but I just didn’t want to believe he was who I was thinking. We approached the bar and Stanley started placing orders for our drink, the figure turned and guess who it was, Jamal, as if I didn’t know already. He wore dark shade so I couldn’t see his eyes which I was really thankful for but I knew he was looking at me. Jamal had been very angry when he noticed she intentionally ignore his calls, he had gone to the extent of calling Stanley to confirm if he had heard from her and he was the one that told him she was going to be here, his cousins were the ones throwing the party, he hadn’t wanted to come but this stubborn young lady was the on that made him come. He drew closer and said “fancy meeting you here, I thought you lost your phone or someone was intentionally ignoring me? Chisom has seen who he was and I noticed she was looking at me from the expression on her face, she was wondering what was going on. I also knew he saw her but he didn’t seem to care. I was about to respond when he continued, “I actually came here for you,  I would like to see how you will ignore me or run away. He removed his sunglasses and what I wanted to say flew out of my head. My phone rang and I looked to see Dami’s name on the screen, I thanked God for Dami and her always wrong timing as I used the phone call excuse to escape.


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