I couldn’t say what Jamal wanted or how to handle him. Yes, I liked this guy, but he is my boss and I didn’t want to be like those girls who were known for sleeping with the boss and no matter what you achieve people will be like, “well, she made it cos she’s sleeping with the oga at the top. Naa, I had a bigger vision for myself and I didn’t want him to mess it up for me. But, damn! the body is sooo weak and he is so cute, pardon my language. I had finished taking Dami’s call inside the main house and I was kinda hiding as I didn’t have the liver to face him just yet. I came out minutes later after Dami called and said she has arrived, only to find out Jamal had left, Stanley said he got a call and had to go. I was happy and sad at the same time, but I felt a bit relieved. Guess who Dami brought to the party, Ayo, I was quite surprised, it’s been a while since we spoke, we caught up, talked, laughed and danced into the night, it was a fun party. I got home really late and just hit the bed with my clothes on.left

I woke up on Monday and guess the first thing that came to my mind, I was gonna have to face Jamal today, whew! I thought of what to wear, got out of bed and headed for my wardrobe. An hour later, I stepped out of the house, I remembered I didn’t have fuel in the car, shit! I cursed and my aunt had already left. No time to order a taxi and I bet their charges will be out of this world. I went back in, changed my heels to flat sandals, put my shoes in a paper bag and headed out to the road to board a bus, big mistake. I stood there for close to 20mins, people were diving into the bus like fishes, I managed to get in and find a space to sit, even the bus fare has doubled. I didn’t complain, I just handed the money to the conductor who looked at me with his swollen red eyes and said in a loud voice, “madam, I no get change o, u no hear as I dey shout hold your change abi?” I didn’t have the strength to respond, I just wanted to get to work. “Ok o, he continued, after he noticed I ignored him, I go join your change with pesin”. He turned to the lady seated beside me and asked her for her own money.  

I hate Lagos commercial buses with a passion, the drivers and conductors are totally crazy people, no matter how well dressed they are, forget it, its like they have been tuned to think and function the same way. Halfway through the journey, the engine coughed a few times and stopped, “ah! the driver exclaimed, he muttered to himself in Yoruba and turned to the conductor to say more words in Yoruba. “So you don’t have enough fuel and you put your bus on the road this man?” “Oh my God! I thought, what kind of morning is this?” People in the bus started coming down and requesting for their money back from the conductor, the way they were going at it and the way the conductor was screaming was just crazy and I didn’t feel like being part of that craziness this morning. I carried my bag and just crossed to the other side of the road, the office was like 15mins away and now I had to request for that taxi I didn’t want to in the morning. As I opened my phone to make my request, I noticed a sleek black car stop in front of me and honked, I ignored it and continued with my request, the horn persisted, then an sms came on my phone, “Runner, come and get in the car”. My heart skipped a bit, Jamal! I walked close to the car, bent down and peered inside and there he was sitting like a boss and giving me an accusing look. He opened the door from inside and I got in, he waited as I transferred my bags to the back seat, a nice but unrecognizable music was coming from his music player, as I sat properly and put on my seat belt, he turned down the volume of the radio and drove off.

“Good morning”, I greeted. He was silent for a while and then he responded, “good morning runner, how are you?” I smiled at the name he had given me, ” I am good”, I said. We drove silently for a moment, he took his eyes off the road to give me a once over. I was wearing a white shirt tucked into monochrome pants and my hair was packed up, my face was lightly made up. I looked back at him inquisitively, “where are your shoes?” he asked. “In my bag”,  I replied feeling a bit embarrassed. We got to the way that led to the office and he took the opposite way instead, my eyes widened as I looked at him, “where are you going? the office is the other way”, I questioned. “I have a breakfast meeting with a client and you are coming with me, put on your shoes” he replied making feel like a little girl. We arrived at Fahrenheit hotel on Adetokunbo Ademola VI, I love their rooftop lounge, so classy and lovely, he spoke to someone on his phone and then we got down and walked into the hotel. He walked over to the receptionist who showed us to the restaurant where we sat and waited. We have not sat for up to two minutes when two men dressed in suits walked up to us and Jamal stood to greet them, “hello James, Saliu, my jaw dropped as I noticed the other man was actually Saliu, Mr. have my baby.



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