Dammie’s Heartbreak and My Dilemma

I watched Dammie as she cried her heart out on my bed, I didn’t even know she and Ayo had something going, after the way we all met I had no idea she would go on to have something with that Yoruba demon. Part of me wanted to yell at her and tell her she deserved it but I just chose to be a nice friend and console her, I will tell her how I feel when she is feeling much better. I sent the Mary the housekeeper to get ice cream from the estate supermarket which is going to serve as comfort food for her.

According to Dammie, she and Ayo had started going out, they didn’t define the relationship but she felt there was no need since they were already acting like it was a relationship girl, “C’mon girl”, there is nothing like acting like it was a relationship, always always define it, you know better for christ’s sake”, I said angrily. “Well, I just thought that…..that….before she couldn’t finish the sentence, she started crying all over again. I went closer and held her as she tried to stop tearing up. Anyway, she came to Ayo house unannounced and walked in on him kissing some girl on the couch in the sitting room and when she confronted him, he wasn’t even repentant, he told her that it wasn’t like they were exclusive, he thought they were just playing around and she understood. After which she had left and he hadn’t bothered calling since then, when she tried to call, a lady picked the call and she could have sworn it was that same girl. I knew he was bad story right from the start. Mary got back with the ice cream and I gave Dammie some , she ate and then fell asleep once her head hit the bed.

The next morning, as I dressed up for work, she was still fast asleep, As I transferred the contents of my red bag to the black one I wanted to use, a call came into my phone, I glanced at the screen and it was Jamal, I wondered why he was calling me so early, “hello”, I said a bit hesitant. “Good morning Mimi”, he said cheerfully. This was new, the Jamal I knew never sounded cheerful. “Am at your gate, am your ride to work and back today”, he continued. “You are?” I asked in a surprised voice, we never discussed that. “Well, he responded, I am here and you can’t turn down a gentleman’s kind offer”. Gentleman my ass I thought,  I will kill Stanley whenever I see him because I know he’s the one that would have given him my address, well, he’s my boss and I know he could get that information from my file but my gut told me it was Stanley. I slipped my feet into my white and black high heels sandal, I was dressed in a skinny blue jean and a white fitted plain shirt. I woke Dammie up to tell her I was leaving and she could stay as long as she liked. “See you when I get home”, I called as I hurried down the stairs.

I got in his car, it was a silver coloured Mercedes SUV different from the one he picked me with from the bus stop few days ago. He had this mischevious smile on his face as I got in. “How are you today?, he asked. “I am fine, why are you in such a good mood?” I responded. “Well, it’s a good day, I can feel it in my bones”, he said with a much deeper smile on his face. He looked good when he smiled I thought. “So, tell me about Saliu”, he continued, he couldn’ take his eyes off you at the meeting the other day, and I can tell there’s a story there, plus he’s been calling me since that day trying to find out what you’ve been up to, so tell me, young lady, what’s the story?” I opened my mouth and shut it, there was no way I was going to tell him he asked me to have his baby. “He’s a guy I used to know”, I replied and threw my face away when I noticed he was looking at me. “Now, why do I get the feeling someone is not telling the whole truth?” he teased. “Seriously, he’s just a guy I used to know”, I responded defensively. The traffic wasn’t so much and we made it to the office in good time. He drove straight to the car park,  I turned to the bag seat to get my handbag, as I turned back, he grabbed my face gently and placed his lips on mine. The kiss felt like he was trying to mark a stamp of ownership. I tried to draw back but he brought me closer and he tongue found mine, boy can he kiss, my whole body trembled as I kissed him back  with the same passion. I felt his hand tug at my shirt button and the I heard a car horn from a distance and remember where we were and pushed at his broad chest. He let me go, fixed my buttoned that he opened and looked at me, “You should go before we finish this in here”, he said. I turned the car handle and as I stepped out he continued, “you should know by now that I am going to stop till you are mine”. I ignored him and walked away, my heart pounding so loudly in my chest.



2 thoughts on “Dammie’s Heartbreak and My Dilemma

  1. I always like ti define, what are we right from d start, so I know where we stand…that said, have sex with Jamal already, I bet it will be epic


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