A Blast From The Past

I ordered a taxi an hour early and ran from the office, I could not face Jamal after that kiss and I didn’t feel like sitting with him on the ride home. As much as I was attracted to him, he was still my boss, yes, I know I keep reminding myself of that fact, but I just didn’t want to forget. I had stylishly ask around the office to find out if he was dating anyone, but from the responses I had gotten, no one has ever seen him with any girl, we all know he’s not gay though. Since I left early, I decided to make a stop at the Supermarket at Lekki to pick up a few things.

As I wheeled the trolley to the payment point, I saw a familiar figure from afar, this wasn’t possible, it looked like Kingsley my ex who vanished into the thin air without a word, but it didn’t seem possible because lived in the UK and he came into town like twice in a year. I walked closer and the figure turned around and voila, it was him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, he went m.i.a like 13months ago, no calls, no texts, he didn’t pick up my calls or reply my texts or chats, at a point I was worried that something might have happened to him but when I noticed he changed his WhatsApp display picture a couple of times I decided to let him be.

I met Kingsley on two years ago, during my youth service, he had seen my display picture on a friend’s phone and didn’t let her rest till she gave him my contact details. He called me to introduce himself and gush about how beautiful I was and how liked me. I later learned he lived in the UK and came to Nigeria like twice a year and he was going to be visiting in a month. We started talking every day after then, we would exchange videos, pictures and what not. He was really cute and funny and I couldn’t wait to meet him. I didn’t feel like we were in a long distance relationship because the closeness was amazing. He spoilt me, with money and gifts and I felt so in love, yeah I was. I traveled back to Lagos to meet him the next month. We met at the airport and he wasn’t shy at all, his public display of affection almost bothered on embarrassing but I didn’t seem to care, I was so happy and in love. We went to his hotel room together and we spent the entire weekend together before he had to go see his people and I had to travel back. The next weekend he booked me a flight down to Lagos again, it was like we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It continued like this till he left back for UK. For the first few weeks, I felt so lonely, talking on the phone was not enough, he felt the same way too or so I thought, or maybe he was just a good actor. We dated for a year more, before he played his disappearing act, I couldn’t think of what happened or what I did, all I know was that he just disappeared, my friends couldn’t believe it either because we were awesome together.

His eyes widened in shock as soon as he saw me, I noticed the lady standing beside him, holding hands with him, she was light skinned and wore shouty make-up. I saw him withdraw his hands from hers as I approached. I didn’t know what to do or what to say.”Hello babe”, he said. ‘Hello”, I responded. My palms itched to slap his face but I just Ignored him and dropped my items on the counter, the cashier rang it up and bagged it, it was like the longest 5minutes of my life, I felt like crying and hitting him at the same time. I picked my bag and walked out of the supermarket, as I got to my car, I saw someone running out, he stopped and looked around, spotted me at the end of the driveway and ran down to where I was standing. “I am sorry babe, he began immediately he got close to me, a lot of things has happened over the past year and I don’t know how to start, I know I hurt you but it really wasn’t my intention. I looked at him shook my head, I knew if I said something I would just burst into tears, I always got like that when am angry. I walked away from him and tried to get in my car but he stood in my way. “Get out of my way Kingsley”, I said in a very cold tone, I don’t have the strength to do this right now, I have enough drama in my life as it is. “Please babe, don’t be like this he begged, you know I would have called”. I pushed him with all my strength and he staggered away, I got in my car, banged the door and almost hit him as I drove off in anger. I turned the radio on full blast as I didn’t want to think as I drove. This time, I will be the one needing the comfort food.




One thought on “A Blast From The Past

  1. This your drama be keeping me at edge of my sit….But guys sha, how will he just disappear like that, I would given him a good slap


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