My Run In With Mr Money

I have always been a doubting Thomas; I have never trusted easily because I believe trust is earned. I had this belief that when people are being unusually nice, they have an ulterior motive. I know you will wonder why am sounding all philosophical, well, it’s been a trying week. One issue after another, you know that time when everyone comes with one complaint or another, they usually start off being nice and caring but then they just chip it in. Relatives will hear you are now working and doing well, cousins will call to tell you their problems, old friends you have not heard from in a while will call to check in and it all boils down to one thing, money. That period when you keep dodging everybody calls because you don’t know what it’s going to be this time.

Anyway, back to reality. I have had time to breathe and think as Jamal traveled again. He sent me a message early Tuesday morning to tell me he would be going to Abuja for the week, I was sad and relieved at the same time…lol, yes I still feel that way, till I decide what I want to do about him I guess we would have to keep running around in circles.

This weekend I decided I was going to sleep in and rest, no going out. It could be achieved with little effort; the only place I was going to go was the supermarket. Saturday morning, I woke up with this craving for Spaghetti and Asuu and the best place to get it was from The Place restaurant at Lekki. Since it was too early I decided to do a few chores before I satisfied my craving. By the time I was done with the laundry I have been stacking for weeks, tidying up my room and washing the bathroom, I was sweating like a Christmas turkey. I jumped into the bathroom for a quick shower, lol, you know that feeling after you have cleaned up something, you don’t want to mess it up again, yes I still get it, but I just had to take a shower. I got into my black jean and a yellow halter neck top. Powdered my face, fixed my eyebrow and let my hair down. I was going to the supermarket first, then pick up my food on the way home. I stepped outside and the sun hit me, I rushed back in to look for a rubber band to pack my hair, I also grabbed my black face cap and wore in as I got in the car.

I had finished buying my food and was about to pay when a voice from behind me said, “don’t worry dear, I will get that”, I turned back and guess who it was, Kenny Ogundare, Mr mugu money spender. I have been avoiding his calls and ignoring his messages since he bashed my car and gave me that fat cheque to take care of it. Damn! I cursed in my mind, see what longer throat has gotten me into. “It’s Ok sir, you don’t have to do that”, I responded. “No no, I want to,” he insisted. I noticed he also bought some food, he brought out a wad of bills from his pocket, counted some out and handed it to the young lady who was busy listening in on our conversation and waiting for her money. We walked out together and as I started walking towards my car, he proceeded to walk with me. “So you have been avoiding my calls and messages”, he said as we got to where I parked. I couldn’t lie, it was quite obvious I had. “Well, um…I have been pretty busy”, I responded. I knew it sounded lame but that was the only excuse I could come up with. “It’s okay, he said, I am a very patient man”. This man sef, I thought to myself, he should be like twice my age and he had absolutely no shame. “I can take care of you, he continued, you will have anything you want, believe me, I am a man of my words. Hia…This is how the devil will come in human form to come and tempt people. Maybe he knew I was broke and this is how he has decided to tempt me. “I can take care of myself, I am not lacking anything and am really not looking for anyone to take care of me”, I responded, trying to sound as polite as possible. “I don’t give up that easily Mimi”, he said as his phone rang, he brought it out of his breast pocket and glanced at the screen. “I have a meeting to get to and I will call you as soon as am done, don’t ignore me this time, young lady”, he continued. He put his hand in his pocket, brought out the bundle of N1000 notes, he didn’t bother to count it, he just handed it to me and said, “buy something nice for yourself”. Who am I to say no to an offer like that, I guessed he had too much money to spend at this time when everybody was crying over the economy and the hard times. I took the money from him, “thank you I said with the fakest smile I could muster, plastered on my face. Don’t judge me, I know you will take it too if you were in my shoes. “Don’t forget there’s more where this is coming from”, he said as he turned and walked to where his car was parked. I quickly got in my car, the first thing I did was count the money, N45,000. If only every day will be Christmas just like this, I thought as I turned on the ignition and drove home. Money sha, the trouble it will get us into.


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