Mr Nice Guy: Wolf in Sheep Clothing


We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was the same guy we just attended his traditional marriage ceremony. He had just changed out of his traditional attire but his cap was on the dashboard of his car. Men o!!! You people will not kill me. Alright I won’t generalize, I believe there might still be some good ones, there are definitely some good ones…lol, I will let you know when I find them. We were watching as he drove into Dammie’s compound from the window, all our mouths wide open in shock. He got out of the car, brought out his phone and dialed, Dammie’s phone rang and all of us jumped, I dropped the curtain as Dammie grabbed her phone from the side stool, “hello”, she mouthed. “Hi baby, am outside”, replied the voice from the other end of the line. “Tell him you are coming out”, I whispered. She did like I said and hung up. I told her to just play along as this was going to be a great story. Okay, I know you guys are confused, I am going to start from the beginning, so this is how we got to this point.

Dammie met this guy on her flight back to Lagos months ago, he said his name was Kenneth, he had been on her case since then. He took her out, bought her expensive stuff and all. Dammie told him she wasn’t really looking for anything serious as he just got out a bad relationship but he was quite persistent, at this point I was even trying to convince Dammie to give him a chance as he seemed like a nice guy, little did I know that he was a wolf in sheep clothing. Some weeks ago, on a Friday, he came and took us all out, Dammie told me Kenneth was coming to take us dancing, I was so happy, at the end of the night I was almost in love with him, he was such a gentleman. So, during the week Chisom invited us to a wedding, one of her old friends was getting married, it was a big wedding and she needed company since Stanley was unavailable, just so you know, those two has been going strong. Anyway, I told Dammie and she was game. Come Saturday, we dressed up, and headed to Oriental hotel, we were a bit late but the later the better.

Chisom’s mom was already there and they saved us some seats. We greeted her, she commented us on our dressing and asked us what we were going to eat, turned out she was great friends with the bride’s people. Immediately we sat, my eyes went straight to where the couple sat, I couldn’t believe it, I wiped my eyes to be sure I was seeing well, very carefully so I didn’t smear my makeup. That was Kenneth seated there, Kenneth was the groom. “Omg!!! I thought to myself, this is not good. I was about to tap Dammie, but I could see her eyes were there already and she had the same expression on her face. We both turned to Chisom who was still trying to tell her mom what we wanted to eat. She asked what was going on and we pointed towards where the bride and the groom sat. “Yes, she gushed, she’s beautiful right”, then her eyes hit the groom and her mouth fell open. She looked at me and Dammie and was like, “Girls, I really had no idea…….but how’s is this possible?” Dammie insisted we go closer to get a good look, and we did, it was a huge hall and avoided getting noticed by Kenneth. It was truly him and his beautiful ignorant bride. The reaction I got from Dammie was unexpected, “I knew he was too good to be true Mimi” she said. ” Let’s go and eat joor, she continued, we are here already”. We all tried to make her feel better but she claimed she was okay. We ate danced and had some fun. On the way home, we all decide to stop over at Dammie’s for some time. We were drinking and gisting about an hour later when Dammie’s phone rang and it was Kenneth. She showed us the screen and we told her to play along. He asked her if she was home, she said she was and he said he was on his way. We all could not believe it, the man did not even chill for his wedding night, abi they forced him to marry?

Dammie went outside to meet when he got there, I knew she couldn’t help but confront him, she wasn’t that patient. The next thing I heard were raised voices, Dammie called him a fraud and he said something in a low voice. I was peeping through the curtain, I couldn’t afford to afford miss this drama. Then, Dammie landed him a slap, turned and started walking back to the house. Kenneth acted as if she wanted to follow her but he thought against it and got in his car, horned for the gate to be opened by the gateman and drove off. Dammie came into the house cursing and fuming. We all tried to calm her down while she gisted us what Mr. Cheat had to say. It turned out he wasn’t repentant, he claimed he just got married to satisfy his people and she was the one he wanted. Now the question is, he wanted her as what?


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