A Brief Getaway


I like Abuja, whenever I get the opportunity to leave Lagos and get away for a little while, no matter where it is, I always grab the opportunity with both hands. Work always takes me to Abuja so it’s one of the places I often visit, I feel sane whenever am there. Away from Lagos’s craziness, horrible traffic, crazy driving and even crazier people. It’s like am in a sane environment. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lagos, but Lagos is home but Abuja is my safe place. It’s funny though, whenever I stay  out of Lagos for a while, I miss the traffic and the madness, lol, it’s crazy right, but I can’t help it, Lagos has grown on me like a second skin. So, I have been in Abuja for a week for a campaign we are running for an IT company. They lodged me at Sheraton hotel, yes, Sheraton hotel for close to two weeks, I could not believe it. When they picked me at the airport and said let us take you to your hotel, I was expecting a nice, comfortable hotel and what I got was Sheraton, I tried my best to contain my excitement till they put me in my room and left before I dove on the bed and danced all around the room. The next thing I did was grab my swimsuit and head for the pool, I planned on making sure I use all the facilities to my satisfaction.

I had called Stanley to inform him of my arrival before hand and he was already naming all the events and places I was going to accompany him to, plus Chisom was coming around for the weekend to visit him, so the fun part is covered already. I went for the meeting with clients early on Friday morning, the networking event was for 4pm, I got back to the hotel at 1pm to rest a bit and get ready. My phone rang immediately I climbed on the bed, I  glanced at the screen, it was Jamal, he was supposed to be at the speaking at the conference on Monday, he already said he won’t be coming for the event today, so I wondered why he was calling. “Hi boss, I said as I picked up the phone, I knew it irritated him when I called him boss, but I did it intentionally. He was quiet for a second before he responded, “I know you called me that deliberately, but am just going to let that slide”.  I chuckled, “so how is it going ?” he asked. I gave him a run down on the preparations and how everything was going. He said okay, then asked a couple of work related question, he seemed satisfied with my answer, then he said, “hope you are enjoying your hotel?” “Of course, I gushed , it’s the best, I love it”. “Am glad to hear that he responded, we talked for a bit and then he hung up. Then mind went back to him saying he was glad I loved, “did Jamal pay for this hotel for me?” I thought. A night in Sheraton costs up to N40,000 and I will be here for up to 9days. I made up my mind I would ask him when he came and then went to have a shower and get ready for the event.

I stepped into the event venue, I was dressed in a plain white mid tie suit dress and black strappy sandals, I knotted a white and black polka dot scarf on my neck. This was work and I had to make sure everything goes as planned, I will stay for 2hours or so and then I will go hook up with Stanley for dinner and some tgif later.  After about an hour of walking around and networking, I decide to go get a drink. I walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of cosmopolitan, yes I know, I was working, but to speak with this many people and stay sane, I needed a little alcohol. “Drinking on the job I see”, came a familiar voice from behind. I turned around and it was him, “Jamal, I said accusingly, what are you doing here?” He gave me that very sexy mischevious smile and said, “I decided to surprise you”. “You are not supposed to be here until Monday”, I  responded. “Well, I was already in Abuja and I thought why not, I can see you are doing okay all by yourself”, he said as he looked around, then his eyes came back to me as he took in what I was wearing from head to toe. I glared at him, and he smiled and continued, “you are looking quite fetching, I bet you already have plans after this”. He was looking really good, it’s like he looked better each time I saw him. I  ignored his remark as I took a sip of the drink the bartender handed me and pretended to look around. “Let’s get out of here, everything seems to be going ok, they don’t need us anymore”, he said. My mouth opened in shock, “are you serious? you are supposed to be my boss you know, now you are making me ditch work”, I accused. ” I have one of the consultants here, he will take care of things”, he responded as he started nudging me slowly towards the exit.

We stepped outside and walked to the car park, immediately we got to his car, he pushed me gently and my back rested on the car, he brought his head down and his lips found mine, I heard him moan at the back of his throat. He raised his head up for a bit and said, “I have missed you, Mimi, what have you done to me?” I should be asking him that same question, it seemed he was the only thing I could think about, at a point I was even mad at him for making me feel that way. I yanked his head back down and covered his lips with mine to keep him from talking some more. He was trying to unzip my dress when I pushed him away, “not here Jamal”, I whispered. “Get in the car, let’s get out of here”, he said. I got in the car, he started the car and drove off like someone was in pursuit, I wondered where we were going but  didn’t want to ask, I just relaxed in my seat and watched him drive.





3 thoughts on “A Brief Getaway

  1. It happens to me too. I will be complaining about Lagos and the madness bt whenever I travel I miss it and want to get back.


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