My Love For Nigeria

My mind is so blank, I have tried writing this past couple of days but it seems my head is in the same state as Nigeria’s economy. A week or so ago, everybody was raving and ranting about the fuel hike and how we are not going to take it but it seems we have not just taken it, we are living it. One thing we can do in Nigeria is adapt, we know how to adjust to any bad situation, we know how to suffer and, I love Nigeria though. Yes, I love Nigeria but I can’t wait to leave. Our naira is close to worthless, I can’t even shop for clothes on Asos because one pound is like lunch money for two days.

Remember back then when the government removed subsidy, people went out on the streets to protest, there was no movement for days(more people had fun because they didn’t have to go to work, but enter the clubs at night and see them partying) meanwhile the no movement was for a cause, which was never achieved if I should say. Then the case of Boko Haram, the killings, the bombing, the fear and then the kidnapping of the  Chibok girls The noise was not here o, lots of accusations, pointed finger and lots of promises were made, it only took a little while for the noise die down, one will wonder if these girls have been rescued or they have been forgotten as we hear one ridiculous story or another as days has turned to months and months to years.

The elections, the drama, the politics. Ballot boxes being stolen at the point of voting, electoral officials being bribed, voting machine rejecting people’s fingerprints. People panicking after elections because they don’t know whether the outcome will provoke a riot or a war, companies even tell employees to stay home till they know it’s safe. Crazy has become the new normal.

Let’s talk about power and the almighty PHCN(Nepa). We are given power for 5hours a day and we are already panicking, some will say, “ah, this one Nepa has given us light this long, I hope everything is alright” or “Nepa, better take this light and bring it back in the night” or “this one they gave us light today and you iron clothes you will wear for a week because you are not certain when you will see light again”. We are scared when we have power for a while and lament when power is held for days, some of us are already used to it and has gotten tired of lamenting.When the rich has turned to their inverters and big generators, the lower class in the society have not been forgotten as they have their own specially made generators,  the cheapest one which has been nicknamed “I pass my neighbor” as all hope seems to be lost.

Now the matter at hand is Tomatoes, the average Nigerian is no more able to make jollof rice talk more of tomato sauce, you want to eat rice with tomato stew, you are joking, is your father Dangote? Imagine my surprise when I got the market on Saturday and found out that you have to kill a cow before you can afford to buy tomatoes. To make the matter worse, the seller didn’t even know why tomatoes have become scarce like precious stones. I had to resort to making goat meat pepper soup and take a break on tomatoes for now. Think about frying eggs with tomatoes, hmmmm…that one na die, we will have to fry the eggs plain o, as a single tomatoes cost more than the eggs. Tomatoes! what will it be next? drinking water, air, bread. one will never know. We will just keep suffering and smiling, watch the government play with our lives as we wonder how we can raise our children in a place where we find it hard to survive.


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