A Night To Remember

I was awake but I didn’t want to open my eyes, I didn’t want to acknowledge what had happened, as amazing as it was. I could feel someone’s breath on my face, I knew Jamal was watching me. Last night had been breathtaking, we had finally done it, we couldn’t even wait to get into my hotel room, Jamal had driven like a crazy person. We started kissing right from the parking lot, we stopped as we walked into to hotel reception  and started again as soon as we got into the elevator, luckily nobody got on and it was just us, we continued along the hallway till we got to my room, I bet the security guys watching the cameras must have gotten quite an eyeful. I tried opening the door with my card as Jamal was struggling with my dress but I couldn’t concentrate as my hands continued to shake, Jamal snatched the card out of my hand and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. He cursed under his breath, “ok…ok, just calm down”, I said. He tried one more time, the green light showed and the door opened. We hurried inside and in seconds our clothes were on the floor, it’s been months and I had wanted this for too long.

 I finally decided to open my eyes and Jamal’s handsome face where just inches away like I imagined. Jamal knew she was awake and didn’t want to open her eyes, he’s been watching her while she slept, she was so adorable. “Good morning beautiful”, Jamal said. “Good morning”, I muttered feeling a bit uncomfortable. He bent down and gave me a kiss. As he raised his head my eyes went straight to the wall clock, 8am, “Oh God!” I exclaimed I had the closing meeting in 30 minutes. My hands went straight to pull the duvet when I realized I was naked underneath the sheets. “Damn!” I muttered under my breath. I looked around and saw my dress lying on the floor close to the door, my panties lay not far from my dress, I glanced back at Jamal, I could see he was trying really had not to laugh. “Go ahead, laugh, I said to him, I have the closing meeting in 30mins, this is not funny, I accused. “Calm down babe, My assistant is going to be there to represent you, I already spoke to her, then he looked me up and down, I saw you naked last night you know, I kissed and touched every inch of you”, he said. I avoided his gaze as I got down from the bed, pulling the sheets with me as I walked towards the bathroom, he stood up and followed me. “Where do you think you are going?” I asked as I stopped at the bathroom door. “Coming with you of course, he replied with a wicked grin on his handsome face, we are going to take a shower together, he continued as he grabbed the sheet I wrapped around my body, dropped on the floor, scooped me off the floor and carried me into the shower while I screamed and threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t put me down.

Thirty minutes later we were dressing up to go look for breakfast. He asked me to follow him home first to change into new clothes and then we could drive into town. What he didn’t tell me was that the whole family was going to be home and I was going to meet them that morning on an empty stomach and they were going be quite inquisitive.


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