The Journey So Far

Life is one big journey, Imagine when you are trying to make it in life all by yourself, the hustle, the disappointments, the happiness, the fun, the heartbreaks, the success, it just never stops. Then you are living in Lagos, the land of opportunity and craziness. You have to wake up at 4am in order to beat the traffic and get to work early. You get to the office and try to catch some sleep before everybody arrives and it’s 8’o clock. You don’t even know when you adjust to the crazy and become one of the crazy people. You find yourself doing the so-called “Lagos driving”, the driving never ceases to amaze me, one person drives all the way from the end of the road to the other without trafficating and then he curses you for driving right. Bus drivers will scratch the car that you haven’t even finished paying for by driving like maniacs, the next thing they are lying on the bare coal tar and begging for mercy, while you stand and wonder who you have offended to deserve this bad luck.

I remember when I got my first job, I was so happy, it paid poorly but I was just happy to leave the house every morning. The joy on my face when I stepped out every morning to join the league of working class hustling to get to work, rushing to get into the keke or bus to avoid being late. I can remember the first time it rained really heavily and I decided to wait for the rain to stop before going to work, on arriving at the office, I saw that everybody was already in and working as if nothing had happened, I got reprimanded by the HR who told me that the rain was not enough reason to come late. Poor me, how was I to know that it was another clarion call, “under the sun or in the rain” like we normally sang doing our NYSC days. I was made to know that the rain is not enough to keep me from showing up to work at the proper time, no excuses. I learned my lesson, the next time it rained, I put on my bright yellow raincoat that we got from MTN, grabbed my umbrella and set out like a woman on a mission, I was determined to make it to work on time.

Then I got my second job, I was no longer a JJC, I had little experience in my pockets to handle this one. The only problem was, I had to wake up earlier to be able to get to work early, luckily for me, it turned out a colleague who works in the same company stayed close by so I carpooled with him. I remember having to wake up at 4am to be able to meet up with him, sometimes I wondered if the guy actually slept, that was also when I learned that waking up too early made me very grouchy. We will drive all the way to Lekki, park in a corner and get some sleep and then continue to Yaba after an hour. That strategy as crazy as it sounds, actually worked for us, because once in Lekki we won’t be facing any traffic to Yaba. I loved my second job, the place, the people, it kind of made the stress worthwhile.

Growing up is really not easy, it’s like a never-ending adventure that you have to take whether you like it or not, it’s certainly no optional. Some people have it good and for some it’s rough but it’s a journey all of us will certainly make. Mine is a story every single day and I don’t mind sharing some of it, sometimes I wish I would go back to when I didn’t have a care in the world, maybe I will do somethings differently or I will do it the same way all over again, if only wishes were horses right. I wonder where the journey will end, we will have to find out, but I believe there are great things ahead for me and for you also, we just have to keep pushing.


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