Indulging In The Moment

I know I have been AWOL guys, I apologize, it’s due to circumstances beyond my control. So where did I stop? A lot has happened and I am dying to tell you guys about what has been going on. It has been a whole of lot drama between I and Jamal, I don’t even know where to start.

So after the incredible night at the hotel, he decided to go home and change before we headed for breakfast the next morning. He drove to his house in Maitama, which turned out to be their family house and I was about to be swarmed by all the members of his family. It turned out every member of his family was there, his mom, his granny, and his sisters. I remember he once told me two of his sister live in the state and the last one was working in Abuja which left me wondering what all of the were doing here. They kept asking me question after question. How do you cope with our thick-headed brother? Do you know you are the first girl he has brought home? They filled my head with stories till Jamal came and almost dragged me to his room to keep me away from them. It was a huge house, I guess it had more than six bedrooms.

As I stepped into his room and we both looked at the huge bed, I knew we made a mistake as I will be safer with his family and their questions downstairs than here with him in this very masculine room. It was spotless, the bed was well made, well he didn’t sleep on it last night so it should. I can’t remember the last time my bed looked that well made, in the morning I rush off to avoid being late, once I get back and pull my clothes, I jump on it without bothering because I am too tired. My eyes glanced around the room, the shoe racks had so many shoes on them, I knew I had a thing for shoes but his was a definition of shoe craze. I wonder if he wore any more than once. I felt someone breathe down my neck and I turned to see him standing so close with this devilish glint in his eyes. I walked backward as I mouthed the words, “no Jamal, your family is right downstairs, I bet they are already wondering what we doing up here”. He ignored me and walked closer, as I tried to move back some more, I felt the bed frame behind me, there was nowhere to run, I turned and tried to climb the bed to run over to the other side but he was too fast, he grabbed me and we both fell on his bed, I started laughing and he joined me. “Where do you think you are going?” he asked. “I am trying to get away from you”, I said, giggling some more. He bent his head down and his lips met mine, we kissed as if we haven’t done so in months, I ran my hand through his hair, his back and wherever I could get my hands on. The next thing I knew his hands were going to my shorts, he was trying to take it off, my hand reached down and grabbed his, his lips left mine as he looked into my eyes. The look in his eyes said what, It was like he has forgotten where we were. “C’mon Jamal”, we can’t, not with your family downstairs I pleaded. “Fine”, he said, but we are buying breakfast and taking it back to the hotel. He bent and brushed his lips against mine as he stood up and walked to the wardrobe to change.

When we came downstairs a few minutes later, it was just his mom and granny that was in the sitting room, they said his sisters had gone to the mall, I was a bit relieved. His mom was a nice woman, she asked me some questions about my family when Jamal went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. She stood and gave me a hug as Jamal returned and I stood up to leave with him. “I have a feeling I will see you again”, she said. We got in the car and Jamal drove down to Southern Fried Chicken. We got back to the hotel and I placed all the food inside my carry on bag as I knew the hotel wouldn’t allow us to bring in food from outside. Jamal teased me about it, and I told him I will give him the food to hold and see where he puts it. He stifled a laugh as we walked past reception and into the elevator. As soon as we got in the room, he took the bag away from me and carried me straight to the bed. Thirty minutes later, breathing really hard and all sweaty, he stood up to get the bag containing the chicken he had dropped on the table. We ate watched movie, slept and decided to go swimming. I was having the time of my life, for the time being, I had forgotten he was my boss and I had to face him come Monday.

Sunday came so fast, I woke up around past nine and glanced at him lying beside me. “He is so cute”, I thought. “Stop ogling”, he said as he opened his eyes. I smiled and stood up to go to the bathroom. “Let’s order room service”, he said as I stepped out of the bathroom, “let’s be a little extravagant”, he continued. I smiled and thought to myself,”like he couldn’t afford to be extravagant and not have a care in the world”. My flight was for 4:45pm and he kept urging me not go. This time, I didn’t listen, I had work tomorrow and even though I worked for him, I couldn’t afford to take the job for granted. My stubbornness won and he drove me to the airport hours later. He hugged me and kissed me like he was never going to see me again, his public display of affection almost bothered on embarrassing. I snatched my lips back , he looked at me with the evil glint I had come to recognize, “See you tomorrow runner, don’t think this has ended”, he said and then turned and walked out of the airport. I watched his sexy figure as he departed and wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into.


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