Caught In The Act

I opened my eyes on Monday morning and I felt like calling in sick, I knew exactly why I felt that way. It wasn’t like I was sick or anything, I just couldn’t bear to face Jamal. I wasn’t able to sleep well during the night, I kept having crazy dreams and waking up, my sins were hunting me, well, maybe not sin per se but I don’t know what else to call it. I quickly dashed into the bathroom took a hot shower and took a little time dressing up afterward as I couldn’t decide on what to wear. I later settled for my pencil a little below the knee black skirt and a polka dot peplum top. I slipped my feet into my nude colored court shoes, grabbed my bag and headed out, I had just received my salary so I decided to indulge a little and use an Uber today.

I got to the office at a few minutes past 8am and quietly slipped into my office. As I dropped my bag and sat down, my phone rang and my heart skipped a beat, I looked at the screen, it was Chisom, I heaved a sigh of relief as I picked up the phone. I hadn’t heard from Jamal, except for the text message he sent me last night, saying he wanted to check if I had a safe flight and to give him a call when I got the message which I purposely ignored.”Hello”, I voiced out. “Hey babe”, Chisom’s voice rang from the other end of the line, “are you in your office”, she asked. “Yes, I am, what’s up?” I responded. “Okay, I will be in your office shortly”, she said and hung up. A few minutes later she came in, looking so good in her a little above the knee blue gown that hugged her shapely figure. Immediately she sat down she started, ” So the boss came in this morning looking so happy and smiling, he even whistled as he walked to his office, and he said good morning to everyone”. “Wait, I said in astonishment, Jamal is here?”, that’s too early. “That’s what I thought too”, she responded, “anyway, I wanted to know if you will be free for lunch,  I have something I want to discuss with you okay?”. “Yes dear, I will see you at lunch”. She stood up to leave, ” Well whoever that’s keeping the boss happy should please keep up to good work, I am liking him right now , she said as she winked at me and shut the door behind her. I wondered if she knew what was going on between both of us, I hadn’t told anybody except for the little I told Stan, and if Stan has opened his big mouth to tell her, I was going to murder him. It was almost 9am and I had to get ready for the general meeting.

The meeting went on uneventful, I sat at the corner to avoid Jamal but luckily for me he didn’t come in for the meeting. After the meeting , I walked back to my office, happy that Jamal didn’t show, maybe he was busy. I opened the door to the office and there sat that Jamal with that evil look I recognized, he stood up as I closed the door behind me. “What are you doing her I whispered loudly in an accusing tone?” He walked towards me, “You intentionally ignored my message last night, I know you did”, he stated as if he knew me so well. He closed the gap between us, my heart was already beaten faster. What is it about him that always made me feel like a teenager? “You look so good”, he said as he drew me closer, I couldn’t get you out of my head all night “this is punishment for not giving me a call like I asked”, he bent his head down, his lips found mine and both of us were lost. How did we get here I wondered in my head? I wanted us to have a conversation like two normal people but it seems this keeps happening whenever both of us found ourselves in the same room.

My office door was thrown open and both of us sprang apart. The startled Chisom with surprise and shock registered on her face stuttered a confused “am sorry”, and shut the door back  immediately. “Damn, damn, I cursed as I moved away from Jamal, “see what you have caused” I accused as I got to the end of the room, far away from him. “When you won’t keep your lips to yourself, I knew this was going to happen, sooner or later we will get caught and I will be the topic of gossip in the building for sleeping with my boss”, I just went on and on, I often tend to talk too much when I panic. I stopped as I noticed the look Jamal gave me, he didn’t say a word to me, he just opened the door and walked away. I slumped on the couch by the shelve, I had said more than I intended and I noticed the look of hurt on his face before he shut the door. My big mouth will always put me in trouble, now I have to apologize for saying a whole lot which I didn’t mean. I felt really bad.


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