She Got Hitched

“I am getting married she screamed, waving the huge rock on her finger in my face as she jumped up and down”, immediately I stepped inside the compound and shut the gate. I wondered if she had been standing there waiting for me to come back all the while. The look on Chisom’s face was that of pure happiness, I couldn’t help but be happy with her, but then I felt a little envious and I wondered where that feeling came from. “Stanley proposed last night, t I was coming to the office to tell you this morning when I saw…she paused for a moment, wait let me just finish being happy she continued before I strangle you. We hugged and I told her I was really happy for both of them.

I knew Stanley really loved this girl, the Stanley I knew had never been so smitten with a girl, he always acted all macho and annoying and was always like, “no girl can tie me down”, but the moment she met Chisom, it was like a charm, he was practically eating out of her hands. I saw the way they looked at each other and the way they shuttled from Lagos to Abuja or the other way round every weekend, no two people in their right mind would have gone through such stress if it didn’t mean anything. It had only been six months and some weeks since they met but I guess once you know, you know.

As we stepped into my room, Chisom didn’t even wait for me to drop my bags before she grabbed my arm, “what are you doing with the boss? she asked, you are treading on dangerous grounds girl, I know he’s really hot, but you know office romance always ends  badly, and one with the boss…hmm”. “I know I answered, why do you think I have kept it to myself all this while?” “Wait, she said as she glared at me, “How long has this been going on for?” “Since my first day or so”, I responded in a very low tone , as I avoided her searching eyes. “But I really like him, there’s just something about him that makes my senses take a dive”. “If you tell anyone, I will kill you, I threatened”. She smiled at me as we both sat down , she wanted to hear every single detail, “when it started, how it started, what has happened? she told me not to leave any single juicy detail out. I told her everything and she could not believe all this had happened right under her nose. “He loves you, you know”, she said after I had given her the whole story. I was a bit taken aback by her statement, “why would you even think that I asked?” “I have seen the way he looks at you most times at the office when he thinks no one is looking, I didn’t read any meaning into it, but after hearing this story, I am 100% certain”. “C’mon, you know that is not true”, I protested. “Well, I have told you, she said, you can believe me or not, but he’s tripping really hard girl”. We both giggled over it. She said she was hungry and I went downstairs to make us some noodles.

I climbed into my bed a few hours later after Chisom had gone, I had called Stanley and threatened to murder him for not telling me his plans, he had said he wanted it to be a surprise since I never thought he was ever serious. I felt the love in his voice when he spoke about Chisom and I believed they were meant to be. He had traveled back to Abuja early in the  morning but he said he will be back over the weekend for a proper engagement party and I should help him organize one, but I shouldn’t let Chisom know, he wanted it to be a surprise. I agreed, we talked some more and then he bid me goodnight. As I shut my eyes, Chisom’s word floated around my head, “he loves you, you know, I have seen the way he looks at you”. I smiled as I waved the thought away. She is just imagining things I thought, all though some parts of me wanted so much for those words to be true. I drifted off to sleep and into the land of wonderful dreams, with the hope that my tomorrow will bring greater news.


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