Dinner Date and Other Surprises

As I dressed for our dinner, I put on a mini cream colored lace dress I had been saving for a special occasion and took extra care with my makeup. I thought about the night ahead, I just wanted to have fun, it has been a while I did. I was still planning Chisom’s secret engagement and it took a whole lot not to tell her, plus it was as if wherever I turned, she just popped up. I had to sneak out of the office today, so I can go pay for our reservation at Rhapsody. Immediately I stepped into Rhapsody, my phone rang and it was Chisom wanting to know where I had gone so early. I just cooked up a lie about having an out of the office meeting and escaped home after.

As I sprayed my Jimmy Choo’s cherry blossom perfume which I have been hoarding because I didn’t want it to finish, with the economic recession, the price of designer perfumes has skyrocketed, I have to manage this one till I can find where to tap one. See how I didn’t say steal, that’s because it’s not stealing when you take a bottle of perfume from someone that has a whole lot and won’t miss it. My phone beeped, I checked and it was an SMS from Jamal saying he was downstairs. I had told Mary earlier that he was coming and she should let him in when he arrives. My aunt traveled to the US to visit their son and his wife, so Mary and I had the house to ourselves.

As I got downstairs and approached the living room, I felt a bit nervous, I wondered why I felt this way, it wasn’t like this was our first date or something, I have slept with this guy for christ’s sake, so why do I still have butterflies? He stood up as I walked towards him, he was drop dead gorgeous in his navy blue shirt and pants, he topped it off with a black suede shoe which looked really expensive. He left two buttons of the shirt undone to reveal a lovely gold chain and glimpse of his broad chest. I caught myself immediately I realized I was ogling only to realize he was doing the same. I had decided to match my dress with the same color of shoes and from the way he looked at me I knew he liked it. “You look really lovely, ” he said after he had looked me from head to toe and not hiding that fact. “Thank you, you look really good too”, I responded. He took my hand and said, “shall we”, as he led me through the door to the car.

He kept throwing glances at me as we drove, I wondered what was going on in his head. “Chisom and Stanley are engaged”, I said. “Yes, I know, I helped Stanley pick out the ring, I was really surprised when he told me his intentions”, he responded. “I still can’t believe it, I know he really liked her, guess I just didn’t know how much”, I said. “Well, the heart wants what it wants”, some people just refuse to see it”, he replied. Why did I have the feeling he was no longer talking about Chisom and Stanley? I just kept quiet as we drove all the way to Civic center.

The event was fun, it was like a cocktail party, people mingled . I ran into a few friends, and so did Jamal, one his lady friends decided not to leave again. I went to the restroom to freshen up, and as I walked back, I sighted her all over him, looking like she wanted to swallow him whole. I felt a pang of jealousy, which I tried to push aside. A very familiar figure strolled towards me, it was Ayo, Yoruba demon who broke Dammie’s heart. “Hello beautiful”, he said and gave me that his wicked delicious smile. As evil as he was, I liked him, he had a wonderful sense of humor and he was very playful. “Evil child”, I responded as we hugged each other. Yes, I know he broke my dear friend’s heart but he was my friend and I warned Dammie. “Fancy meeting you here, he continued, I am not surprised, though, I know you can waka for Africa”. We both laughed, “see the pot calling the kettle black”, I responded.

Jamal sighted her halfway down the hall and wondered who the guy hanging all over her was. He started walking towards them as he ignored his old friend Funmi, who was hanging all over him. He knew Mimi has been uncomfortable when Funmi joined them and he has been looking for a polite way to tell her to go away but he didn’t care right now. Funmi followed him behind, as he approached were Mimi stood with the gentleman. “Hey baby”, I was beginning to look for you”. I froze as I heard Jamal use that endearment on me. There was something about his tone and his eyes were questioning. Oh! I thought, he is jealous, like he had the right to be when he had been letting that girl hang all over him all evening. “This is Ayo, I introduced. Ayo, this Jamal my f”…….”her boyfriend”, Jamal said cutting me short, it’s nice to meet you, Ayo, he continued as they shook each other. I was shocked by Jamal’s label. Funmi who was beginning to feel as if she was being left out decided to join in the introductions. “I am Funmi, Jamal’s friend”, she said. Ayo who could never look past a pretty face struck up a conversation immediately. While they were engulfed in their conversation, Jamal led the still shaken up me, out of the hall. Jamal knew she was going to be mad, so he decided to take her out of the hall to avoid a scene.


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