Trouble in Paradise

As we stepped outside and got to the car park, I snatched my arms from his grip but before I could open my mouth to tell him what I thought about his behavior, his mouth claimed mine in a kiss I knew was meant to shut me up for a bit.In a matter of a second, the kiss that was meant to be a quick way of shutting me up turned to something else. Get a hold of yourself Mimi, I told myself, he is such a devil’s incarnate. I pushed him away but not before I noticed the bulge on his trouser and for a moment my eyes lingered. Jamal only wanted to shut her up but he should have known there was nothing like a quick kiss where she was concerned, the little witch has managed to wrap him round her finger.

“You are so infuriating”, I screamed after I managed to drag my eyes up to look at his face with that devilish smile on his lips. “I hate you, you can’t just walk into my life and turn everything upside down”, I can’t even listen to the lyrics of a song without thinking of you”, I continued. “You are my boss, we are not supposed to be doing this, this is not right and I am not going to do it anymore”. I was saying the truth, Jamal had come into my life and totally changed everything, the more I kept trying to push him away, the more he pushed back. I hated how much he made me feel. “So quit then”, I heard. I snapped out of my thoughts to look at him, maybe I didn’t here right. “Quit Mimi, yes I said it….You don’t have to work for me, we could get you another job somewhere, you are good at your job and with my help, we could find you some place good”, he said. “I am tired of you fighting me, fighting this…I know you feel for me the same way I fee about you, you make me crazy, I threw my work code out the window the moment I met you”, he continued. He came closer and drew me closer to him, do you think you are the only one that knows what we are doing is wrong? But the thought of letting you go is killing…I won’t do that. I could not believe what I was hearing, he wanted me to give up my job. I turned and I started walking away from him. Jamal knew it was going to be hard to convince her to give up her job but he wasn’t ready to lose her just yet.

I opened my phone as I walked close to the entrance and ordered an Uber before Jamal caught up with me. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Home”, I said in a very cold tone. This has gotten bad really fast Jamal thought. He knew she was not going to listen to whatever he was going to say, so he just decided to stand with her till her Uber arrived. The driver stopped in front of the entrance, as I walked to the car, Jamal grabbed my arm and said, I will never hurt you, Mimi, I care about you too deeply to, I just want us to work this out…I know we can make us work. I loosened his grip and walked towards my Uber. All the way home I wondered what the heck I was going to do. I got myself into this mess and I need to find a way to get myself out of it.



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