“Surprise! A very familiar voice called immediately I stepped into the compound that evening, I was very tired, all I wanted to do was fall in bed and sleep. Though it was my birthday, I didn’t feel like celebrating, all I wanted was a large bowl of vanilla ice cream, a cold shower, and my bed. I had kept it quiet at the office cause I didn’t want anybody making a fuss or anything. Chisom was on leave, she had taken some day to travel to meet her fiance to make traditional wedding plans. Since our fight, I hadn’t seen Jamal, I learned he traveled out of the country for a bit but he still sent me messages every morning and wished me goodnight every night even though I ignored him and never bothered to respond to the messages.

Jamal stepped out of from behind the gift wrapped Red Ford Explorer SUV packed in front of the house, my aunt and my uncle followed him closely behind as they sang happy birthday to me together. I was astonished, I didn’t know what I was feeling, I had hoped the day will just go by uneventful or so I thought. They finished singing the song and my aunt enveloped me in a bear hug. As she stepped aside, Jamal came closer and whispered in my ears, “happy birthday love, I hope you know I am not going anywhere”, and then he handed the car keys to me. I couldn’t believe it, the car was for me. I screamed and ran to where the car was parked, I didn’t so much about cars but that looked like the latest model Ford Explorer. I looked from my aunt to my uncle, then Jamal, who had that handsomely evil glint in his eyes. ” Is this really mine?  I asked. “Yes, it’s your Jamal responded and I am yours too if you will have me, he continued as he went  down on one knee, brought out the  red jewelry box from his pocket and opened it to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring, I had even seen. ” WILL YOU MARRY ME, MY FIESTY RUNNER”? , he asked. There, I got the marriage proposal I didn’t even know I wanted so much and I had no clue what to say.


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