HeartBroken: Wrong Place, Right Time

I got back from Abuja after Chisom’s wedding with the get married feeling weighing me down. The ceremony was lovely, I could see they both really loved reached other and I wanted something like they had. The truth is I didn’t really know if Jamal loved me as much as he claimed. I had not accepted his proposal, I told him it was so sudden and I wanted to think about it, though he was not happy and my aunt was mad at me, I just needed to be sure. I have known him for just a few months and even though the sex was awesome and I loved him, I still had some reservations, plus he was my boss.

I  made plans to hook up with Dennis my really old but good friend, we had done our masters together back in the UK and he was back in town for his sister’s wedding. He had invited me to come for a pre-wedding party at Mason Fahrenheit in VI and I was super excited. I was going with Dammie and I knew she will be at mine in a few minutes. I quickly went into the bathroom, took a shower and went to my wardrobe to look for what to wear. Few minutes later I was all dressed up in a long spaghetti strap black dress and a silver flat sandals. I did my makeup and as I put on my red Mac matte lipstick, which I have been taking extra care to make sure it doesn’t finish, as Mac products had skyrocketed with dollar exchange rate. I was just putting on some perfume when Dammie called to tell me she was downstairs. I grabbed my purse and went out to meet her.

We arrived at the party and it was already in full swing, Dennis was looking dashing as usual and Dammie was drooling. “He is such a player you know”, I whispered to Dammie, “I wouldn’t want you to get your heart broken”. Meanwhile, Dennis was all over me, “you look so different”, he said, “you have added some weight here and there and I like it”. “You will not change Mr”, I retorted, “come and introduce me to your sister joor”, I continued as I dragged him towards where some members of his family stood. He put his hands around my waist as we played around, then I saw a familiar figure step out of the elevator and as our eyes met, he frowned as he noticed the arms around me. “Damn! does he know everyone?” I thought.

Jamal had not expected to see her here, after she turned down his proposal and said she needed time to think, he has been trying very had to give her all the time and space she needed, now here she was with playboy Dennis drooling all over her and looking like he was going to have her for dinner. He didn’t even know they knew each other. He tried to control his jealousy as he headed towards them, “hi baby, he said, as he got to where they stood”. Dennis immediately took his hand away from my waist immediately Jamal said those words. “Hey J, he greeted as he looked from I to Jamal, I didn’t know you knew Mimi”. “Dennis, he said, as he brought out his hand for a handshake, I see you know my girlfriend”. “Really, you finally caught the ice queen herself”, Dennis said as his eyes widened in amazement at Jamal’s term, “my girlfriend”. “The ice queen huh”, Jamal said. “Yes, Dennis responded, she turned down every guy that asked her out back in the UK when we were doing our masters”. They both carried on as if I wasn’t there. Then Jamal turned to me and looked me up and down, “you look gorgeous”, he said with that knowing look I can never forget. “Thanks, I replied”. “I am going to say hi to the bride to be”, he said as he strolled across the room. I was surprised the hang around.

Jamal has planned that since she was playing him like this, he was going to make her jealous, immediately he saw her as he got off the Elevator. He decided to spend the whole evening dotting on the bride’s best friend Lola, who had the hots for him. They will stand so close to each other and Jamal and Jamal will throw a glance over if I was looking. I could not believe what was going on, I was so red with jealousy. Who was the girl hanging all over Jamal and he was even playing along, I thought. They had been at it for more than thirty minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so angry I decided to go downstairs to get some air, I walked straight to the elevator and pressed the button, as I stepped in I saw Jamal heading towards me. He managed to get in before the doors shut. “Where are you going”, he asked? and that was all I needed to burst. “Who was that?” I screamed at him, “hanging all over you and both of you were all over each other”.”Well, you said you didn’t want me, I didn’t think you would care”, he replied in a very curt manner. The elevator doors opened and I stepped out not bothering to check if he was following.

As we stepped outside the hotel, he reached out and grabbed my hand, I turned to face him, he drew me closer and brought his lips down on mine. It’s been long since we kissed and I missed him, I was mad at him at the same time. We kissed like we hadn’t seen each other in months. When we drew apart, he said, ” I don’t what you want me to do to convince you that I love you,  but you really need to make up your mind soon, I am not that patient and he walked away. Leaving me thinking of how I wanted to be his wife so badly, and how I was really stupid not to say yes to his proposal. I was lost in thoughts when two ladies walked past, I noticed one of them as the one that had been all over Jamal, I froze when I hear her say to her friend, “I went to the doctor finally, I am three months pregnant and I think it’s Jamal’s”. I felt shivers all over my body and I couldn’t move for a few seconds.


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