The Test Result

I have never been late before in my life except during my youth service when I was a week late, I wasn’t worried because I knew there was nothing to worry about. The doctor at the camp clinic said it might be a hormonal change or stress and it happens sometimes. But this time I was freaking out, I had a lot to be worried about. I and Jamal had been so carried away we forgot to use protection and I carelessly forgot about the morning after pill. I sat on the toilet seat praying the result will be negative, this was the second stick I was peeing on, as the first one fell inside the toilet because my hand were shaking so much. I came out and placed the stick it on the sink as I washed my hand. I had just gotten back from work where I hadn’t been myself all day. Jamal was out of town and he was due back that evening.

As I walked into the room to change out of my work clothes, there was a knock on the door, which was thrown open immediately after. Jamal stood there wearing a silly grin on his face, looking handsome but worn out. He had folded the sleeves of his white shirt and untucked it from his navy blue chinos pants. “Hi babe, I’ve missed you”, he said as he walked into the room and enveloped me in a warm hug. I had missed him too so I hugged him back. He kissed my forehead and gave me a probing look. “You look tired, he said”. I smiled and said to him, “you look tired too”. I had forgotten about the pregnancy pee stick on top of the sink, I was really happy to see him. “Well, I am coming straight from the airport, I had to see you, it’s been two weeks and you were all I have been thinking about”, he responded. Immediately he said that I remembered the stick on top of the sink. “Oh God! I whispered, I will be right back”, I said and made a dash for the bathroom.

She looked really tired Jamal thought as she followed Mimi behind as she dashed for the bathroom. It’s been two weeks since they saw and he had really missed her. He still had the ring she had rejected in his pocket. He knew she was being stubborn and he was going to get her to accept the proposal. He had never met someone like her before, she was stubborn, independent and sexy as hell. She tested his patience and kept him on his toes but he liked it, he didn’t like boring, that’s what most of his relationships had been. He wanted someone that will match him both mentally and otherwise and he just found it, the question now is how to convince this strong headed girl that he was the one for her.

Immediately he entered the bathroom, he saw her snatch something from the sink, he couldn’t tell what it was because she took it in a hurry, then his eyes went to the waste bin by the sink and he saw an empty carton of home pregnancy kit. His eyes moved from the empty carton to where I stood by the water closet. “Mimi, are you pregnant?” he asked. This was not how I planned this I thought, I wanted to know if I was first before I even told anyone and, he was the last person I planned on telling. Why did he just have to be everywhere, I thought. “I don’t know yet”, I just took the test before you entered and I haven’t gotten around to checking the result”, I answered. This was not the plan I had for myself, I wanted to further my career not have a baby, I wasn’t even married yet and here I was, probably pregnant. “Let’s look at the stick together then”, he suggested making me snap out of my thoughts. I nodded and he stepped closer as I raised the stick and held it properly so we can have a look at the what the outcome was. Two red lines flashed on both our faces, we looked at each other and down at the stick again. “Two lines means positive Jamal”, I said in a very low tone. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and he drew me closer and brought his lips down on mine in a very possessive kiss. This wasn’t the response I expected I thought as I got carried away by the kiss.


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