We are strong, courageous, proud, loyal. We love to a fault, we endure and keep pushing. We are fragile but we don’t break. We get weak, but we do not to give up.

Sometimes we don’t know when to stop. Lot’s of times our mouth puts us in so much trouble. Most times we are confused and it seems we don’t know what we want. But that is what makes us us.

The world will be a boring place without us. Things will probably be much easier without us, but what’s the fun in easy. They say it’s a man’s world, but I say, It is more of a woman’s world. We make live a lot more dramatic.

We love really fast, and we hate with the same passion. We overlook some things and act ignorant, but trust that we know. We are built to last, we fall and we get back on our feets.

We are women. We are beautiful. We are real.