My First Day and Meeting Mr Hotness

I walked into the huge Gold Africa building at Victoria Island the next morning oozing with confidence but also a little self-conscious. I wore the red suit dress Dami suggested which hugged my shapely figure perfectly and the black court shoes which enhanced my long legs. I got to the reception and introduced myself to the female receptionist who gave her name back as Hilda. She seemed like a nice person, she showed me the HR department, and Mrs. Peters who I met initially took over from her. She walked me to my office, a really nice one, which already had everything I needed set up. A laptop and a telephone sat on the desk, a mini fridge was on the floor close to the standing bookshelf. There was a flat 32 inches television hanging on the far end of the wall and there was a very comfortable looking couch close to the window. In other words, the office looked good and I liked it. Mrs. Peter announced to me that there will be a meeting in 20minutes at the boardroom to introduce me and have me meet everyone and excused herself to allow me to settle in.I sank into the chair behind the lovely glass desk, set my bag on the desk and opened my laptop to log in my details. I looked at the time, ten more minutes to the meeting, I needed to use the restroom and I had no idea where it was located, it would have to wait till after the meeting. I wanted to get to the boardroom before everyone arrived so I can observe them as they came in. I stood up, straightened my dress and ran my fingers through my hair.

I walked to the door, as I opened it I ran into the most handsome man I ever laid my eyes on. Geez! Was he tall? I am 5 ft 9 and with my heels, I am like 6ft, but this guy was well taller than my 6ft. “I am so sorry”, I stuttered as I recovered from my little daydream. I noticed he too was giving me a once over. He answered me in a sexy American accent, “It’s okay, was my bad”. Damn! I nearly melted, he had the most kissable pink lips and the darkest eyes. My name is Jamal, he continued, I just wanted to welcome you since I won’t be around for the introduction meeting. “Oh! I said, trying to keep the disappointment from my voice, my name is Mimi, it’s nice to meet you. I hear you graduated top of your class and did a one-year internship with Adam Smith’s in the UK? Yes, I replied, wondering how he knew all that. “It’s nice to have you here Mimi, welcome to the team. Thanks again Jamal, I responded, feeling like I was missing something. He brought his hand out for a handshake, as I put my already sweaty palm in his, It felt a spark go through my body, I can swear he felt it too because he snatched his hands away before I could take mine. He gave me a look, turned and walked away. Shit! I forgot to ask him the way to the boardroom and now I only had a minute to get there. I stepped out of my office, shut the door and decided to go find it myself since there was no one in sight. I stepped into the general hall, where the junior staff had their cubicle and I saw a cleaner headed my way. She stopped to say hi and I used the opportunity to find out where the boardroom was,  I thanked her, from her name tag, I saw her name was Chinwe.

As I stepped into the boardroom, I noticed that my plan has failed as everyone was already seated and waiting for the meeting to start, or rather, waiting for me. I saw a vacant seat not far from the door and made a quick dash for it because I felt all eyes on me. As I sat down the general manager who I had met during my interview, Mr. Andy Okolo, began a brief speech, after which he introduced me to the team. There were 24 people in all and by the time I shook everyone, my hands were limp. They seemed like nice people and everyone welcomed me to the team. We trooped out of the boardroom afterward and everybody went about their daily business. I had to get ready for my meeting with the communications department in an hour.

As I walked to my office I remembered I had a lunch date with Dami. I haven’t yet told her that her hunk was my hunk too. Not like I had anything to do with Ayo but, going after two friends at a time, big mistake, doesn’t matter whether he knew we were friends or not. I put it out of my mind and waited for lunchtime. We are going to have a good laugh about it, but then he’ll get what he deserves, which will be dished out by us.

The rest of the morning went by pretty fast, I didn’t run into my morning hotness again, I figured he already left like he said. I thought about him for some minutes and the things I would like to………I shook myself, focus girl, focus!. I looked at my time, it was almost 1 pm, I stood, grabbed my bag and headed for lunch,  Dami already buzzed me like twice and  I know how impatient she gets. I got to the car park and as I walked to my car , I heard my name from a distance, I turned around and saw a familiar face approaching with a wolfish grin on his face,” I remember this face, I thought to myself”, he had introduced himself as Obinna at the meeting this morning, the chief operating manager. “Are you going out for lunch? he asked as he got closer, trying to act all cool and whatnot. He wasn’t all that good-looking, but he had this way he carried himself that make him look good in a suit. My mind flashed back to what Mr hotness was wearing this morning, a dark blue sweatshirt and khaki pants that were so well fitted it was almost a sin. “What is wrong with you Mimi? I asked myself”. “Yes, I am, I responded abruptly as I noticed he was looking at me funny”. “Care to join me? there’s this nice little place down the road, they make a mean Edikaikong. My mouth watered at the thought of the soup, but I already had plans that I could not escape from. “I’m sorry, I can’t, I already have an engagement. His face fell, but he tried not to show it, “Okay, maybe another time then, have a good one, he replied and walked to the car parked a few feet away”. I got in my car and drove off, all the way I dreaded breaking Ayo’s news to Dami.



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